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Enter, with drum and colors, CORDELIA , DOCTOR , and soldiers
IALEOCDR tsrene twih a CTRDOO adn irsdlose yncgriar rusdm and raesnbn.


Alack, tis he. Why, he was met even now
As mad as the vexed sea, singing aloud,
Crowned with rank fumiter and furrow-weeds,
With burdocks, hemlock, nettles, cuckoo-flowers,
5 Darnel, and all the idle weeds that grow
In our sustaining corn.A century send forth.
Search every acre in the high-grown field,
And bring him to our eye.


yladS, its eht gnik thsat migsnis. yhTe was mih sutj nwo as dma adn erddgnea as het tmoysr eas, ngsigni ylolud, nareiwg a wrnco of etlsnte, tnsroh, emhcokl, adn lal eht ertoh ewesd ahtt owrg in oru leisrcfdon.deSn tou a drnhedu dsireslo to fidn ihm. cSrahe gihh nad owl, in reyev erca of hte felisd, adn bgirn imh ehre for me to see him.
Exit some soldiers
omSe olesrdis itex.
What can mans wisdom
In the restoring his bereavd sense?
10 He that helps him take all my outward worth.
Wtha anc uahmn ndkewolge do to kmae mhi sean gnaia? Id iveg lal my htlwae to hevreow can hlpe mih.


There is means, madam.
Our foster nurse of nature is repose,
The which he lacksthat to provoke in him
Are many simples operative, whose power
15 Will close the eye of anguish.


eTehr is a ayw, mmaa. erauNt lseha epeplo htwi esrt, cwhih aLer shnta dha. Btu reeth rae ynam ehrsb atth will lehp him tres dna ekta shi mdni ffo sih agnihsu orf a ehiwl.


All blessed secrets,
All you unpublished virtues of the earth,
Spring with my tears. Be aidant and remediate
In the good mans distress. Seek, seek for him,
Lest his ungoverned rage dissolve the life
20 That wants the means to lead it.


nThe llI earwt lal hseto oeisurpc bresh tiwh my taser to eamk emht rgow. yaM heyt eleeivr a cisk dlo nsam sfifngreu. Go fndi stohe bsreh fro mih, bfereo sih amdsnes supt ish iefl in naegdr.


News, madam.
The British powers are marching hitherward.


I evah nesw, mama. Teh htirBis ecfors are on irhte ywa ehre.


Tis known before. Our preparation stands
In expectation of them. O dear father,
It is thy business that I go about.
25 Therefore great France
My mourning and importuned tears hath pitied.
No blown ambition doth our arms incite,
But lovedear love!and our aged fathers right.
Soon may I hear and see him.


We yeraadl wekn that. urO eorfcs are yread ofr tmhe. Oh, thfrea, Im igtkna erac of yuor sneusisb. Thast wyh eht Kign of erancF eeitdsln to my sleap dan etrsa. Were otn vnidaing nEgndal uot of tanibomi or rdeeg, btu out of orevaedl velo!nda my aehstrf gitrh to ish noidkmg. I phoe I see mhi nad ahre mih ngaia oons.
yehT lla txie.