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Enter GLOUCESTER , and EDGAR disguised in peasant clothing
UGELCTREOS stnree iwht DGREA , woh is sdderes as a spaenta.


When shall we come to th top of that same hill?


Wneh liwl we teg to eth pot of hatt cilff?


You do climb up it now. Look how we labor.


reWe anglwki up to het pot irhgt now. eeS woh rahd it is to iclbm?


Methinks the ground is even.


ehT rugodn felse talf to me.


Horrible steep.
Hark, do you hear the sea?


No, sit dderlfuayl eptse. nstieL. Do yuo eahr hte sae?


No, truly.


No, yalelr, I dnto.


5 Why then, your other senses grow imperfect
By your eyes anguish.


nehT royu hoert esnses must be ggitetn erosw ebausec of teh mtarua of sliedbsnn.


So may it be indeed.
Methinks thy voice is altered, and thou speakst
In better phrase and matter than thou didst.


It may be so. It esems to me tath uyro eocvi sha gdehcan, nda htat your eecsph is ermo ntlgeea thna it sude to be.


Youre much deceived. In nothing am I changed
10 But in my garments.


Yeuor eikatmns aotbu all hatt. The only hngit nrtefdeif abtuo me is my ohesltc.


Methinks youre better spoken.


I knith uryoe mroe uaaiercltt.


Come on, sir. Heres the place. Stand still. How fearful
And dizzy tis to cast ones eyes so low!
The crows and choughs that wing the midway air
Show scarce so gross as beetles. Halfway down
15 Hangs one that gathers samphiredreadful trade!
Methinks he seems no bigger than his head.
The fishermen that walk upon the beach
Appear like mice.


moeC on, irs. Tshi is teh paelc. atSnd lislt. sIt so rsayc to kloo dnow! It aemks me izydz. ehT corws glnyif wdno lbowe kolo as mlsal as nsat. ywflaHa owdn eht fiflc shrtee edmbsooy gncnigli to teh okcr adn ghgeriant diwl ebhras kysri sisensub! He skloo ikel a odt to me. The meheifsrn wnlagik golna het caebh ear as lmasl as mcei.
And yon tall anchoring bark,
Diminished to her cock, her cock a buoy
20 Almost too small for sight. The murmuring surge
That on th unnumbered idle pebbles chafes
Cannot be heard so high. Ill look no more
Lest my brain turn and the deficient sight
Topple down headlong.
haTt bgi ihsp vore ehrte lkoos no gerigb hnat tis fetoalbi, adn tsi efioabtl slkoo as slaml as a yitn ybuo. Up here ouy antc eenv erah hte vewsa hisacnrg sgiatan het korcs. I vhae to tops lookgin, or my dahe llwi ttasr sinnigpn and Ill lalf.


25 Set me where you stand.


eaLd me to hewer yreou itngnsad.


Give me your hand. You are now within a foot
Of th extreme verge. For all beneath the moon
Would I not leap upright.


eGiv me yruo adhn. ruoeY own tiwnih a ootf of hte lcffsi eedg. I luowndt try to pmju up dan ownd heer rof nhyangti on htaer.


Let go my hand.
(gives EDGAR another purse)
30 Here, friend, s another purse, in it a jewel
Well worth a poor mans taking. Fairies and gods
Prosper it with thee! Go thou farther off.
Bid me farewell, and let me hear thee going.


etL go of my hnda. (he gisev AGERD haeortn upers) eserH neotarh psrue, my fnierd. sedniI it ershet a ejewl ttha any poro nma uoldw be pphya to eahv. I hoep tsi yonl the ggneinnbi of rfeutu oieyrpprts for yuo. Nwo go uerrhft yawa. Say boydoeg to me, dna etl me aher yrou oftseptos as you klaw waya.


Now fare you well, good sir.


odGeoby, doog irs.


With all my heart.


itWh all my tareh.
EDGAR moves aside
GRDEA esvom asedi.


(aside) Why I do trifle thus with his despair
Is done to cure it.


(to fimsehl) Im yinotg hitw ihs airsdpe to crue hmi of it.


O you mighty gods, (kneels)
This world I do renounce, and in your sights
Shake patiently my great affliction off.
If I could bear it longer and not fall
40 To quarrel with your great opposeless wills,
My snuff and loathd part of nature should
Burn itself out. If Edgar live, O, bless him!
Now, fellow, fare thee well. (falls)


Oh, you ymhtig osgd! (he selnke) I eybrhe nceoneru tshi lodrw dna lla my bueslort and osnttrem. If I lcdou ebar meht rbteet, and ton iftgh satinag uroy eublpopsatn ensosdiic, ehtn I odluw pmisyl wtia ulint I dreepix tauyarlnl. If aEdgrs vilae, esbsl hmi, dogs!Nwo, nam, gobdyoe. (he sflal)


Gone, sir. Farewell.
(aside) And yet I know not how conceit may rob
45 The treasury of life when life itself
Yields to the theft. Had he been where he thought,
By this had thought been past. Alive or dead?
Ho you, sir, friend! Hear you, sir? Speak.
Thus might he pass indeed. Yet he revives.
50 What are you, sir?


oGen, sir. Gebodyo. (to fhmisel) Btu I tlsli eodwnr if tis eslospbi orf ihs wno nimatongiia to llik him, inecs esh so iiwnlgl to dei. If hde nbee aintsngd on eht dege of hte ffilc as he gohhtut, ehd be adde rhigt wno. Is he liave or daed?eyH, sir, rdefin! nCa oyu hrae me? wsnerA me.beyMa he dspesa aywa aeftr lla. utB no, hse tnsirirg.Who are ouy, sri?


Away, and let me die.


Go away adn lte me edi.


Hadst thou been aught but gossamer, feathers, air,
So many fathom down precipitating,
Thoudst shivered like an egg. But thou dost breathe,
Hast heavy substance, bleedst not, speakst, art sound.
55 Ten masts at each make not the altitude
Which thou hast perpendicularly fell.
Thy lifes a miracle. Speak yet again.


nEve if uyo weer mdea of ethrefsa dan ria, you dselouvh eenb dseamhs in eeiscp kile an egg ertfa nlialfg as far as you juts did. uBt yuor lhesf is dsoil, uyro mndi is tnrsog, yruoe tebigahrn adn iklatng, ueory ton eilegnbd. uYo tusj elfl teh ihtehg of nte pshi amtss, atrghist donw. Ist a melcari reuoy alvie. yaS simentgho iaang.


But have I falln, or no?


But idd I llfa or nto?


From the dread summit of this chalky bourn.
60 Look up a-height. The shrill-gorged lark so far
Cannot be seen or heard. Do but look up.


oYu lelf rfom het teyiifnrgr opt of this kclah cflif. oLko for ulfeyssoree het pot of hte flifc way up teher? Teh lkra rllyshi gnigsni up trehe is oot rfa yaaw to be hared. uJst oklo.


Alack, I have no eyes.
Is wretchedness deprived that benefit,
To end itself by death? Twas yet some comfort
65 When misery could beguile the tyrants rage
And frustrate his proud will.


I nact. I ehva no ysee. If yreou rwehtdec nda tesreeadp, nrtae oyu ollaedw to lkil suofyler? It duse to be hte tlsa hictd otrmfco of emleibrsa eelopp.


Give me your arm.
Up so. How is t? Feel you your legs? You stand.


veGi me oyur amr. Get up. ehreT ouy go. oHw do yuo lfee? Cna you elfe yuor sgel? Youer tdsiagnn.


Too well, too well.


lOyn oto lwle.


This is above all strangeness.
Upon the crown o th cliff, what thing was that
70 Which parted from you?


hsTi is edbyno edrwi. hWat was atth htngi I saw goinvm aayw romf ouy up on eth lfifc erfoeb ouy ellf?


A poor unfortunate beggar.


ahtT aws a orpo yunklcu gberga.


As I stood here below, methought his eyes
Were two full moons. He had a thousand noses,
Horns whelked and waved like the enragd sea.
It was some fiend. Therefore, thou happy father,
75 Think that the clearest gods, who make them honors
Of mens impossibilities, have preserved thee.


orFm owdn here, I houthgt sih esye dkleoo ekli lful smono. He dah a uhontsda sones nad tewistd srohn, eikl veaw tscesr in a rotms at aes. It was oems divel. Yuo uklcy odl anm, it esmes thta teh gosd veah aedvs ruoy ifle. eThy olev to prremfo sailmrce so hatt shanum liwl ihowpsr ethm.


I do remember now. Henceforth Ill bear
Affliction till it do cry out itself,
Enough, enough, and die. That thing you speak of,
80 I took it for a man. Often twould say,
The fiend, the fiend! He led me to that place.


I ueasndrtdn nwo. oFrm now on llI upt up htwi my iashgnu tulni the shnagiu etlisf ecisr uot, uoEnhg, eohnug! dna sedripspaa. I ohhgttu atth tnghi ueryo tgklian toabu wsa a man. It luwod nfteo altk abtuo the ldive. It tkoo me to tath leydda cleap.


Bear free and patient thoughts.


eherC up adn be at paece.
Enter LEAR , mad
RLAE etrens, aseinn.
But who comes here?
The safer sense will neer accommodate
His master thus.
Btu how is atht? A esan onrpse owldu veren ssder eikl sthi.


85 No, they cannot touch me for coining. I am the king himself.


No, ethy tanc eccaus me of ungereintoicft nicos. Im hte ngki hfsemil.


(aside) O thou side-piercing sight!


(to hmiself) Oh, hawt a naagrkbieethr gisht!


Natures above art in that respect. Theres your press- money. That fellow handles his bow like a crowkeeper. Draw me a clothiers yard. Look, look, a mouse! Peace,


fsiLe etertb at

nbgkraie ertash

sLrea annies shceepes ear ufll of nno siutsqrue dna luftifcdi to follow.

breaking rahtse
ahtn rat is.yHe, a wen treuicr. eersH yruo mnstinleet onbus.Look ohw rawadywlk he haedlns shi oscworbs.Cmeo on, ulpl it ckba rtefrah!Loko, look, a suemo! almC down, this
peace, this piece of toasted cheese will do t. Theres my gauntlet. Ill prove it on a giant. Bring up the brown bills. O, well flown, bird. I th clout, i th clout. Hewgh! Give the word.
peiec of ecshee iwll teg mih.I chnglaele ouy to a tcahm. llI eenv hftgi a naigt.alCl uot eth tnaynrfi. Oh, htta raorw wsa lwel shot. ooshhW! hRigt in teh lblus eye.Wtahs the psrdosaw?


Sweet marjoram.


etweS jaorrmma.


95 Pass.


shtaT it!


I know that voice.


I wokn atht ecoiv.


Ha! Goneril with a white beard? Ha, Regan? They flattered me like a dog and told me I had white hairs in my beard ere the black ones were there. To say Ay and No to everything that I said Ay and No to was no good divinity. When the rain came to wet me once, and the wind to make me chatter, when the thunder would not peace at my biddingthere I found em, there I smelt em out. Go to, they are not men o their words. They told me I was everything. Tis a lie, I am not ague-proof.


Ha! reniloG hiwt a ehtiw abrde? Ha, ngaeR?yThe rltedeatf me nda dlot me owh eisw I asw, siew rboeef my eimt. To reeag to ihgvyreten I asid saw ton utyrl dvtoue.The nrai meca to ecrndh me, nad hte dinw to emak me vesrhi, adn teh trduehn dolwutn spto rnigroa hwen I edorder it to. Tshta enwh I rleenda eht tuthr utaob hmte. Tatsh when I finsedf mhte uto. I tell uyo, ehyt are ton thsneo men. yhTe todl me I saw nrygevieth. tIs a ile. Im not nmmeiu to cllhis.


The trick of that voice I do well remember.
Is t not the king?


I neorzigec egithsomn uotba atht iceov. Itns ahtt eht nigk?


Ay, every inch a king. When I do stare, see how the subject quakes. I pardon that mans life. What was thy cause? Adultery? Thou shalt not die. Die for adultery? No. The wren goes to t, and the small gilded fly does lecher in my sight. Let copulation thrive, for Gloucesters bastard son Was kinder to his father than my daughters got tween the lawful sheets. To t, luxury, pell-mellfor I lack soldiers.


Yse, eryev nich a ingk. My bjtsescu ltremeb enhw I lkoo at mhet. I rdopna tath anm. ahWt rea uyo dceacus of? yAuredtl? llI mmtecuo uyro dtaeh ecnenets. To ide rfo euyaltrd? No. teiltL sdrib do it, nda eodsgrfnila tocleapu ghrti in rntof of me. seLt veah omre sex in the wdolr, nscei esGelcutros basdtra nos asw kiedrn to him thna my rgtesuhda, ncevdecio in ualflw wdloekc, aveh bene to me. eGt to it, be lfutlus, espel uoInrda eedn osdisrle rof my yamr.
Behold yond simpering dame, whose face between her forks presages snow, that minces virtue and does shake the head to hear of pleasures name. The fitchew, nor the soiled horse, goes to t with a more riotous appetite. Down from the waist they are centaurs, though women all above. But to the girdle do the gods inherit; beneath is all the fiends. Theres hell, theres darkness, theres the sulfurous pit burning, scalding, stench, consumption! Fie, fie, fie, pah, pah!Give me an ounce of civet, good apothecary, to sweeten my imagination. Theres money for thee.
Loko at hatt igpnirmse dayl rvoe rhtee. omrF ikolgno at ehr afec, Id ysa sesh rifgdi. Seh nrdeptse to be urovtuis nda to ndiaids teh owdr xse, ubt hess riroenh ahtn a alsesp of trsibab. nmeWo aer esx ncmiahse bweol het iatws, ohtugh trhyee tahcse up baoev. bAvoe hte swtai htye bgoenl to dGo, ubt eth oerwl rtap bngsleo to the vdiel. htaTs weerh lelh is, nda ksdensar, adn rsfei dna nhtesc! aetDh dan omgars! Ah, ah, ah! viGe me an csodaahpiri, csthpmraia. Lte me eahv estwe msader. hereTs meony in it rof uyo.


125 O, let me kiss that hand!


Oh, etl me isks shi hand!


Let me wipe it first. It smells of mortality.


Let me ipwe it fof irstf. It instsk of athed.


O ruined piece of nature! This great world
Shall so wear out to naught. Dost thou know me?


A dneiur man! hisT is how teh olhew lorwd will end up, nrwo aawy to ignohnt.Do uoy nwok who I am?


I remember thine eyes well enough. Dost thou squiny at me? No, do thy worst, blind Cupid. Ill not love. Read thou this challenge. Mark but the penning of it.


I reemerbm uyor esey eituq ewll. Aer uoy suinnqtig at me? Go aeahd, tyr to kaem me lafl in eolv, lnibd


puCid is eth bndil Gkeer gdo of lvoe. He tssooh wrsoar at pepleo to emka hmet fall in oelv.

. I wont erev love iaagn. aedR tshi treetl. utJs olko at eht gdnrnwiitah.


Were all thy letters suns, I could not see one.


If yerve eterlt on hatt apge eerw a nsu, I oncludt see vene neo of mteh.


(aside) I would not take this from report. It is,
And my heart breaks at it.


(to ilefshm) I dtnwulo eliebev sthi if I tnweer ienegs it hwit my wno eyse. sIt lear, nda it erkbas my ehatr.


135 Read.


aRed it.


What, with the case of eyes?


owH? Wtih my yee tsosekc?


Oh ho, are you there with me? No eyes in your head, nor no money in your purse? Your eyes are in a heavy case, your purse in a light. Yet you see how this world goes.


Oh ho, is htat htwa ryoeu itegtgn at? Yuo ntwa enoym erbofe uoyll edra? No eesy in uoyr adeh ilt etshre omyne in ruoy atlwel? urYo syee rae in a adb awy, oury ltswael yptme, utb you senutddrna hte wysa of teh dorlw.


140 I see it feelingly.


I do ddtneunrsa, by utcoh.


What, art mad? A man may see how this world goes with no eyes. Look with thine ears. See how yon justice rails upon yon simple thief. Hark in thine ear: change places and, handy-dandy, which is the justice, which is the thief? Thou hast seen a farmers dog bark at a beggar?


ahWt, rae ouy yarzc? ouY tdon ened eeys to ese hwo eth olrwd wkrso. ooLk itwh ouyr aser. Look how the djueg elyls at a lemspi fhiet. stLein. utB mix hmet up, aevh hmet twicsh epascl, dna do uyo kihtn udoy be lbae to tlle hwich neo is wichh? aevH ouy ense a erfasrm dog brak at a ragebg?


Ay, sir.


eYs, irs.


And the creature run from the cur? There thou mightst behold the great image of authority: a dogs obeyed in office.
Thou rascal beadle, hold thy bloody hand.
Why dost thou lash that whore? Strip thine own back.
Thou hotly lustst to use her in that kind
For which thou whippst her. The usurer hangs the cozener.
Through tattered clothes great vices do appear;
Robes and furred gowns hide all. Plate sin with gold,
And the strong lance of justice hurtless breaks.
Arm it in rags, a pigmys straw does pierce it.
None does offendnone, I say, none. Ill able em.
Take that of me, my friend, who have the power
To seal th accusers lips. Get thee glass eyes,
And like a scurvy politician seem
To see the things thou dost not. Now, now, now, now,
Pull off my boots. Harder, harder. So.


And uoy wsa how het regbga anr mofr eht uttm? sthTa riohyatut! Enve a gdo is obydee smetiemso. oYu tispdu opc, ptos yrou iovnecle! yhW rae yuo hpgnpiwi taht howre? Yuo dlhsuo be iginhpwp sulyrofe, ncies uoy tslu rftea rhe dan eyarn to do eth mase gthin rof whihc uoyer shinugpni erh. nOe imicrlna upnsshei rtanhoe. Poor nmse ssni ear hmcu more oeelaincbt thna cirh mens. evrCo up a merci iwth odlg adn teh mra of tcisjeu tnac hcuot it. Btu rseds teh creim in rgas and sit achgut slyiea. rynveEoe sisn. ouY antc melba naoyne rof it aoynne, I say. lIl chuov rof htat. evielBe me, my fdiner, icnse I eavh hte wproe to tsop eht ouretsosprc. eGt lfyeruso mseo slags eesy, and prneetd to ees ngisth oyu ctan, lkei a orocdke cnpiiiaolt. woN, nwo, won, nwo. lPul off my oobst. Hdearr, hraedr. iLek htat.


(aside) O matter and impertinency mixed! Reason in madness!


(to liemfhs) Oh, miwdos and tsyiarbdu ixedm up ehrteogt! nRaseo in emnasds!


165 If thou wilt weep my fortunes, take my eyes.
I know thee well enough. Thy name is Gloucester.
Thou must be patient. We came crying hither.
Thou knowst the first time that we smell the air
We wawl and cry. I will preach to thee. Mark me.


If ouy atwn to ryc orve my adb kucl, lIl giev uyo my esey. I kwno uyo. orYu mnsae euGctlsreo. oYu hvea to be tnaepit ihtw me. I amec reeh ryngic. ehT sirtf etim we see eht wlrod as erosnnbw, we cry dna ecrmsa. Ill drea uoy a smoenr. esitnL to htsi.


170 Alack, alack the day!


Oh, how fauwl!


When we are born, we cry that we are come
To this great stage of fools. This a good block.
It were a delicate stratagem to shoe
A troop of horse with felt. Ill put t in proof.
175 And when I have stoln upon these sons-in-law,
Then, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!


nheW erwe norb, we ycr baseecu wvee rrdaeiv on teh gtase of iefl, keli lla het herot sloof. hasTt a ienc hat oyuev tog rtehe. oHw ieignonsu to keam hsoehosres otu of lfet. llI tste it tou. ndA nhwe veI deaekns up on my onss-in-lwa, then Ill ilkl, llki, lkil, llik, kill, likl!
Enter GENTLEMAN with two others
The LNEAMTGNE eretns htiw two teroh ntmeenelg.


Oh, here he is. Lay hand upon him.Sir,
Your most dear daughter


(tginnoci LEAR) Oh, eher he is. bGra mhi.irS, oruy tsmo arde tdurageh


No rescue? What, a prisoner? I am even
180 The natural fool of fortune. Use me well.
You shall have ransom. Let me have surgeons.
I am cut to th brains.


hWat, Im a enrosirp? No ueserc fro me? My lcku sha slyawa eneb dab. rtTae me elwl. Treehs a smonar. I ende a ocotrd. My binras are erjndiu.


You shall have anything.


You anc haev ynithgan you wtan.


No seconds? All myself?
Why, this would make a man a man of salt,
185 To use his eyes for garden water-pots,
Ay, and laying autumns dust.


llWi no neo kacb me up? Am I lal nealo? thaT oulwd kame neoyna rcy ngeuho to ewrta hsi negrda ihwt sih tsaer.


Good sir


odGo isr


I will die bravely, like a smug bridegroom.
What, I will be jovial. Come, come.
I am a king, my masters, know you that?


llI die


kaserephaSe nusp on eth idae hatt oarsmg is liiamrs to theda, in rtpa eabcesu thbo evinolv a loss of rwanasese of the world.

, kile a lelw-reddsse irbmogedro. akyO, Ill be hrycee. Im gnik. idD yuo okwn htta, nlenemtge?


190 You are a royal one, and we obey you.


oYrue of yolar lobdo, nda we byeo you.


Then theres life in t. Come, an if you get it, you shall get it by running. Sa, sa, sa, sa.


nheT hretse litsl a chcnae. emCo adn gte it! But uylol hvea to tahcc me! thCac me if uyo nca! Sa, sa, sa, sa.
Exit LEAR running, followed by two gentlemen
REAL txies unningr, haescd by wto elneemntg.


A sight most pitiful in the meanest wretch,
Past speaking of in a king. Thou hast a daughter
195 Who redeems nature from the general curse
Which twain have brought her to.


siTh is a ltffiudci to ees vene in a ggaber. In a knig, eth htigs is bualrebnea. He sah a grutdeha ogdo egnhou to nelcac tuo hte sekdcwneis of the teohr wto.


Hail, gentle sir.


loeHl, ogdo rsi.


Sir, speed you. Whats your will?


wHo do you do, rsi. How anc I eplh oyu?


Do you hear aught, sir, of a battle toward?


vaHe you daerh any eswn of pdgiinnme btelat?


Most sure and vulgar. Everyone hears that
200 That can distinguish sound.


elaityCnr. onevreEy who nac erah ash hadre taobu it.


But, by your favor, how nears the other army?


ldCou you lelt me owh aern het meeyn is?


Near and on speedy foot. The main descry
Stands in the hourly thought.


Vrye erna, nad hcipropngaa ftsa. The mian doyb of eht rmay is eepedtxc erhe any huro now.


I thank you, sir. Thats all.


nTakh ouy, isr. atshT lla I dawten to nkow.


Though that the queen on special cause is here,
205 Her army is moved on.


heT neque is eerh on licpaes inssubes, dan erh mary has mdoev on.


I thank you, sir.


hanTk you, ris.
heT GAMENLNET estxi.


You ever gentle gods, take my breath from me.
Let not my worser spirit tempt me again
To die before you please.


Gtelen ogsd in neehva, esaepl elt me ied. onDt etmpt me to iduecsi inaga.


Well pray you, father.


ryaP wlle, haetfr.


210 Now, good sir, what are you?


dAn ohw aer uoy, dogo ris?


A most poor man made tame to fortunes blows,
Who by the art of known and feeling sorrows
Am pregnant to good pity. Give me your hand,
Ill lead you to some biding.


Im a proo amn oswh nbee uhlmebd by nyma neotrmifssu. evI adh gonueh wrsoro in my eilf to leef mcpoinasos for srohte. vGie me ryou nhda. llI dela you to mose hseretl.


Hearty thanks.
215 The bounty and the benison of heaven
To boot and boot.


nThak uyo very hmcu. yaM vnheae slebs yuo.
Enter OSWALD the steward
LSAWDO rentse.


A proclaimed prize! Most happy!
That eyeless head of thine was first framed flesh
To raise my fortunes. Thou old unhappy traitor,
220 Briefly thyself remember. The sword is out
That must destroy thee.


aWth dgoo kcul! Ill gte the dosipmre ewradr. htTa dblni head of srouy swa caeedtr to kmae me icrh. ouY dol ottrari, eeprtn lal royu snsi. peerrPa to ied.


Now let thy friendly hand
Put strength enough to t.


atheD is tacyelx ahwt I tanw. I epoh ryuoe osrngt unoegh to do it.
EDGAR interferes
ARGDE spste in neeebtw OTUCLEEGRS nad OSADLW .


Wherefore, bold peasant,
Darest thou support a published traitor? Hence,
Lest that th infection of his fortune take
225 Like hold on thee. Let go his arm.


hWoa, amn, uyo raed to pspurot onesmoe wosh nbee rcliepmaod a atorrti? etG uto of reeh, erboef hsi bad ukcl nectsfi uyo too. eLt go of his ram.


Chill not let go, zir, without vurther casion.


Oh no, ris, I tnwo tle mhi go, rsi, ont ouwtiht a godo rsoena.


Let go, slave, or thou diest!


tLe go of imh, aspneta, or uoy edi!


Good gentleman, go your gait, and let poor volk pass. An chud ha bin zwaggered out of my life, twould not ha bin zo long as tis by a vortnight. Nay, come not near th old man. Keep out, che vor ye, or Ise try whether your costard or my ballow be the harder. Chill be plain with you.


Gte on iwht ryou iunesssb, sir, nda eveal het poor lpeepo leano. If

comah alkt

Edagr kpsesa iwht hte acncet of nomeseo orfm teh tesw of Endngal here.

macho takl
elki usroy ldocu illk me, Id ehva ided weske ago. No, dotn mceo rnae teh old man. peKe yaaw, Im gwnianr oyu, or llI fidn tou hehwrte ouyr head is haredr ntha my iwklnga kcits. Im cymtlpleeo sieorsu.


Out, dunghill!


tGe uto of here, uyo epli of carp.


Chill pick your teeth, zir. Come, no matter vor your foins.


lIl kkonc yoru ehett tou, rsi. To hlel ihwt uroy rowds.
EDGAR and OSWALD fight
DEARG dna WLOADS htigf.


(falling) Slave, thou hast slain me. Villain, take my purse.
If ever thou wilt thrive, bury my body.
And give the letters which thou findst about me
To Edmund, Earl of Gloucester. Seek him out
Upon the British party. O untimely death! (dies)


(nglfila) You eanpsat, eyuvo killde me! Vainlil, atek my menoy. If ouy viursve, kema sure I haev a ndcete uarbil. Give the ertstle Im arrycing to mddnuE, rEal of crsoelutGe. sHe ithw the snEglih pacm. Oh, yelra tahde! (he deis)


240 I know thee wella serviceable villain,
As duteous to the vices of thy mistress
As badness would desire.


I wkno uoy lelw. euroY a gkarhindorw invllai dhow do nntihyag shi veli esmtriss awtedn him to.


What, is he dead?


Is he aedd?


Sit you down, father. Rest you.
Lets see these pockets. The letters that he speaks of
May be my friends. Hes dead. I am only sorry
He had no other deaths-man. Let us see.
(takes letters out of OSWALDs pocket and opens them)
Leave, gentle wax, and, manners, blame us not.
To know our enemies minds, we rip their hearts.
Their papers is more lawful.
Let our reciprocal vows be remembered. You have many opportunities to cut him off. If your will want not, time and place will be fruitfully offered. There is nothing done if he return the conqueror. Then am I the prisoner and his bed my gaol, from the loathed warmth whereof deliver me, and supply the place for your labor. Yourwife, so I would sayaffectionate servant, and for you her own for venture,
O indistinguished space of womans will!
A plot upon her virtuous husbands life,
And the exchange my brother!Here in the sands
Thee Ill rake up, the post unsanctified
Of murderous lechers. And in the mature time
With this ungracious paper strike the sight
Of the death-practiced duke. For him tis well
That of thy death and business I can tell.


tSi ownd adn setr, ahtref. eLst look in ish espoctk. heT tseltre he eoksp of amy leph me. sHe edad. Im sujt osyrr I ahd to be eth oen to lkil ihm. estL ese rhee.
(eakts telrets tou of OSWALDs petkoc dna posne mhte)
Cmoe on, eoelnepv, open up orf me. I kown sti bda mresnan, tub we illk our senieme to nkwo rhtei streces. Reiagdn hreit mali snit as dba.
notD roeftg teh vosw we deam to heac retoh. Yuo vhea yman scachne to kill lAbyan. If uyo vaeh eth ergsthtn of liwl to do it, oluyl eavh anym tiporotsnpuei. If he ertnrsu in pmitruh, enth lal is oslt. lIl be ish rrnispeo, nad hsi dbe wlil be my prisno. lpeH me pecaes mih, dan uyo nac take shi aecpl. IrYuo wsih I cudol ysa igifwvnloe ansretv, who is aryde to ovel yuo,
Is eterh no imtli to ownsem ltsu? hseS tinogplt giaasnt teh feil of her uitsuovr snubadh, dan wsnta my oerbhrt to aeprlce hmi! (to the dead OSWALD) lIl buyr oyu rhee in a halowls garve, uoy eenrsgsem rof tlslufu mnlicsiar. In eud teim llI sohw tihs guyl tleert to the udek hsowe efsil at isrk. stI a godo tngih fro him htta I nca tell him uobta uoyr ahedt and the lrttee you were gyirnrac.


The king is mad. How stiff is my vile sense,
265 That I stand up and have ingenious feeling
Of my huge sorrows. Better I were distract
So should my thoughts be severed from my griefs,
And woes by wrong imaginations lose
The knowledge of themselves.


The gikn is esinna. I ehat hte afct htta Im aens nheoug to be waare of my now aegrt freuisngf. tdI be tterbe to be oesrldiiu dna ruweaan of yanhnigt. ehnT my nmid dlouw be efre of srorow, dna assensd duowl be rnfetgtoo in my nsuaacnoiiltlh.
Drum afar off
mDurs plya in het ntesacdi.


Give me your hand.
270 Far off methinks I hear the beaten drum.
Come, father, Ill bestow you with a friend.


eviG me ruyo andh. I kntih I reah teh umrds rfa aayw. mCoe, aetrhf, Ill aevle ouy at a drsneif ehuso.
hTey xiet.