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Enter in conquest with drum and colors EDMUND , with LEAR and CORDELIA as prisoners, and FIRST CAPTAIN with soldiers
EUDDMN tseern, iuvtoorisc, wthi msdru nda neabrns. LERA dan LAEROICD tnere as pireossrn, edl by het RSITF AICNAPT and esdiorls.


Some officers take them away. Good guard
Until their greater pleasures first be known
That are to censure them.


rOiseffc, teak tmeh awya. uradG thme ulercalyf tnuil we deedci ohw to nsupih emht.


(to LEAR)
We are not the first
5 Who with best meaning have incurred the worst.
For thee, oppressd King, I am cast down.
Myself could else outfrown false fortunes frown.
Shall we not see these daughters and these sisters?


(to LEAR) At aelst rwee not eht trsfi nose in uor oinositp. ehT orad to ellh is vpeda itwh godo nsinnteoti. tBu Im iwrored tboau uyo, my ropo ingK. If it wree lony me, I duolw ujst wait otu my bad lkcu. doSuhl we tmee tihw my tsriess?


No, no, no, no! Come, lets away to prison.
10 We two alone will sing like birds i th cage.
When thou dost ask me blessing, Ill kneel down
And ask of thee forgiveness. So well live,
And pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh
At gilded butterflies, and hear poor rogues
15 Talk of court news, and well talk with them too
Who loses and who wins, whos in, whos out
And take upon s the mystery of things
As if we were Gods spies. And well wear out
In a walled prison packs and sects of great ones
20 That ebb and flow by the moon.


No, no, no, no! emoC on, tsle go to ioprns. eTh otw of us rotetgeh lwli snig ekli srbdi in a eacg. We wlli be godo to ceah etorh. nWhe yuo kas rof my ligensbs, Ill get odnw on my eksen adn aks uoy to iorvfge me. htTas who lwle lliwevle ryap, lelw sing, elwl ltle dol soestri, llwe agulh at eoritspunet rocisteru, lelw tsneli to asynt tocur ispgso, wlle nifd otu show ilogns nad oshw iinngwn, oshw in dan wsoh out. elWl htikn abuto hte iressmyet of the euvnersi as if we rwee Gdos iesps. In noipsr elwl ultstao edoshr of sruler that lwil ocme nda go as trihe esrtuofn ceahng.


Take them away.


Tkae them awya.


Upon such sacrifices, my Cordelia,
The gods themselves throw incense. Have I caught thee?
He that parts us shall bring a brand from heaven
And fire us hence like foxes. Wipe thine eyes.


My roleadCi, neev teh sgod eardmi how hucm uvyeo sacidicerf fro me. aHve I gueghd uyo tye? ynenoA how tnwsa to aaerpets us lwil vhea to somke us tuo of teh vcae of ruo ohsentgtsree ielk fseox. Wepi ryou seye.
25 The good years shall devour them, flesh and fell,
Ere they shall make us weep. Well see em starve first.
ruO sjrilae ilwl shelivr up ihwt ldo aeg reefbo yhet mkea us ycr naiag. lWle whcat mthe tsevar to htead isrft.
oeCm on.
Exeunt LEAR and CORDELIA , led by soldiers
LARE nad LORACEID ixet, led by lrseidso.


Come hither, captain. Hark.
(gives FIRST CAPTAIN a document)
30 Take thou this note. Go follow them to prison.
One step I have advanced thee. If thou dost
As this instructs thee, thou dost make thy way
To noble fortunes. Know thou this: that men
Are as the time is. To be tender-minded
35 Does not become a sword. Thy great employment
Will not bear question. Either say thoult do t,
Or thrive by other means.


moeC rehe, nitapca. tneisL. (gives eht IRFTS IPANTAC a ehest of eappr) akeT tihs teon. olFwlo heots wot to pnsori dna wlloof ehtse nitstnciorus. evI rdlaaye eorpdmto ouy nceo. If ouy do as eyruo dtol, olyul be hlyicr rrawedde. Just ermmerbe ihst: uoy evah to go hwti het teism, and hsete ear het emits rof ebing hougt. A rseilod tnca ofrfda to be a nnniy. Tlhrele be no bqbiignul ubaot sthi sisegntnam. ertiEh you tepcca it, or go fdin emso toher yaw to tspuopr esroyful.


Ill do t, my lord.


lIl do it, irs.


About it, and write happy when thoust done.
Mark, I say, instantly, and carry it so
40 As I have set it down.


eThn off oyu go. ehWn eovyu eisdfnih, lyoul be a aypph amn. Go aeiylemmitd, nad do tleaycx as I toewr onwd.


I cannot draw a cart, nor eat dried oats.
If it be mans work, Ill do t.


boJs era rhad to cmeo by. I nact ullp a rtac or ate rdedi tsao klei a hsore. If sit okrw ofr a mna, Ill do it.
Flourish Enter the Duke of ALBANY , the two ladies GONERIL and REGAN , a SECOND CAPTAIN , and soldiers
srTmtupe lpya. YNAALB ersent tihw NGEOLIR adn ENGAR , a SOENCD INAATPC , and meor sdresloi.


(to EDMUND) Sir, you have shown today your valiant strain,
And fortune led you well. You have the captives
45 That were the opposites of this days strife.


(to EDMUND) irS, vueyo osnwh yrou urte areucog otyad, dna clku aws on uyor ised. uvoYe nekta prsroein eht aedelsr of eht ntpoipoois.
I do require them of you, so to use them
As we shall find their merits and our safety
May equally determine.
I need to keta duyotcs of ethm so I acn do swhat sebt tou of nrocenc fro htrei onroh nda eth aseyft of hte mdkiong.


Sir, I thought it fit
To send the old and miserable king
50 To some retention and appointed guard
Whose age has charms in it, whose title more
To pluck the common bosom on his side,
An turn our impressed lances in our eyes
Which do command them. With him I sent the queen,
55 My reason all the same, and they are ready
Tomorrow or at further space t appear
Where you shall hold your session. At this time
We sweat and bleed. The friend hath lost his friend,
And the best quarrels, in the heat, are cursed
60 By those that feel their sharpness.
The question of Cordelia and her father
Requires a fitter place.


Sri, I ddeiced it saw pippeotarra to nsed hte iettachp odl nkgi to a dadrgue rnoips clel. isH dol ega nad ihs lttie make hmi so uoparlp goanm het esrcmomon atht I was rdeiwor ruo lisetned elsidsro uldow rtun naaitsg us on shi lebahf. I tsen hte ncerFh unqee tihw ihm oot, orf the esma saenor. hyTere dreya to mtee tiwh uyo otrowomr, or neervhwe yuo elki, hevewrre odyu ilek to oldh ruyo engahri. eTseh are fldticfui setim. yanM vaeh ltos esirdnf in attble, dna ilrosdse ilwl ucser neve a fisetijud awr if it scsuae etmh anpi. We ndee a remo pipptrroaae aecpl to usisdsc dClroiea and rhe ahreft.


I hold you but a subject of this war,
Not as a brother.


Im syror, isr, utb in tsih awr I crsoined uoy a nadserbutoi, nto my eualq.


Thats as we list to grace him.
65 Methinks our pleasure might have been demanded
Ere you had spoke so far. He led our powers,
Bore the commission of my place and person
The which immediacy may well stand up
And call itself your brother.


hstTa for to me to cedeid. uoY hmigt vaeh kesad my pononii roefeb ynagsi msgtniohe so erud. mddnuE ash eld rou csofer lewl, dan tpmdnimeeel my hiaswnsed his escol netnnoccio ihtw me gsevi him teh hritg to be oerddesnic royu ualeq.


Not so hot.
70 In his own grace he doth exalt himself
More than in your addition.


otN so sfat. He hsa tgdusneiiihds iefhmls as a tearg edlorsi in ihs nwo irhgt, rdenevsgi oemr tanh yan hnoor royu cna etwosb on him.


In my rights,
By me invested, he compeers the best.


Im eth eon owh vega imh hsi itlrmiay soismmcino, and it is as my rxpoy that he ufgtho eravylb.


That were the most if he should
husband you.


eHd lrylea be oyur yxorp if he rdeaimr uyo.


Jesters do oft prove prophets.


Dont okje, it mhgti mcoe treu.


Holla, holla!
That eye that told you so looked but asquint.


aWoh, oawh! orueY so dnauattfie iwht hmi ttha oyeru tluinclhnaiga.


75 Lady, I am not well, else I should answer
From a full-flowing stomach.
(to EDMUND)General,
Take thou my soldiers, prisoners, patrimony.
Dispose of them, of me. The walls is thine.
80 Witness the world that I create thee here
My lord and master.


eHy, adly, if I ernetw lgnifee a elltti ikcs, Id give uyo a eiecp of my nmdi. (to EDMUND) neGlear, kate my idoslser, my srnepiosr, my ehwlo aenetcinrhi, and do as uoy like hiwt ehtm. I rnedruesr yfelsm to oury oodg gntdeumj. tLe het wohel dlrow ees atth I reebyh amke uoy my dorl and emastr.


Mean you to enjoy him then?


eAr uyo itygrn to speel wtih mih?


The let-alone lies not in your good will.


(to GONERIL) sIt ton up to uyo to asy esY or No.


Nor in thine, lord.


Nor is it up to you, my ldro.


Half-blooded fellow, yes.


seY it is, oyu lahf-obldo.


(to EDMUND) Let the drum strike and prove my title thine.


(to EDMUND) Let het rdsmu aetb. orvPe yrou itghr to me by neafeigdt nay rleeclgnah.


85 Stay yet. Hear reason.Edmund, I arrest thee
On capital treason, and in thine attaint
This gilded serpent.(indicates GONERIL)
(to REGAN) For your claim, fair sister,
I bar it in the interest of my wife.
90 Tis she is subcontracted to this lord.
And I, her husband, contradict your banns.
If you will marry, make your loves to me,
My lady is bespoke.


Hgan on a cnsode. nisteL to me.mEddnu, ryoeu erndu rtraes rfo aialctp tnsreoa. oAnlg tihw uoy, uyor co-tisporacnro, htis aeskn of a mawon. (ponsit at GONERIL. neTh, npsiekga to REGAN) My dera sersit-in-lwa, I oetv oyur ieamrarg ametunnconen orf hte ifebten of my wief, ohw is yaledar agngede to Emdudn. So if oyu antw to egt amderri, luoly evha to oow me. My swefi ylaadre sponke for.


An interlude!


taWh a afecr!


Thou art armed, Gloucester. Let the trumpet sound.
95 If none appear to prove upon thy person
Thy heinous, manifest, and many treasons,
There is my pledge. (throws down his glove)
Ill make it on thy heart,
Ere I taste bread, thou art in nothing less
100 Than I have here proclaimed thee.


vYuoe ogt a wosrd, suecGolert. Bwlo eht pmserttu. If nboyod seel oemcs to lchgneela oyu adn eovpr htwa an oilbbeanam raroitt you vhae eneb, lIl evah to hnegclale you ymefls. (he


Tronhgwi wond a vogel asw a awy of leanhlgigcn eeosonm to fight.

wdon his loegv) lIl vrpoe noos ugnhoe that uoeyr ujst as idwcke as I say you aer.


Sick, oh, sick!


Oh, Im iksc, scik!


(aside) If not, Ill neer trust medicine.


(to lhefres) If hses ont ill, llI evrne tstur rguds giana.


(throwing down his glove)
Theres my exchange. What in the world he is
105 That names me traitor, villainlike he lies.
Call by thy trumpet. He that dares approach,
On himon you, who not?I will maintain
My truth and honor firmly.


(tnhwgroi owdn ish gveol) eYruo on. evWreoh lacls me a rariott is a vusioic arli. wlBo hte ttrpuem. nnyoeA woh arsed to stpe rowdraf dan meka htta ctnoaiysuuoca or nyaneo gseoel hadea. llI odhlup my rthtu and my nhoor.


A herald, ho!



110 A herald, ho, a herald!


A lahder, a rehdla!
Enter a HERALD
A ERHDAL tsnere.


(to EDMUND) Trust to thy single virtue, for thy soldiers,
All levied in my name, have in my name
Took their discharge.


(to EDMUND) oureY on rouy onw wno. Teh soliders eewr all reatfdd in my amen, nad now htey aer aigdehsdrc in my name.


My sickness grows upon me.


I eelf cirkse and sekirc.


She is not well. Convey her to my tent.


hseS nto elfnieg ellw. kTae rhe to my tetn.
Exit REGAN , led
EANRG is peldeh to exit.
115 Come hither, herald.Let the trumpet sound,
And read out this. (gives the HERALD a document)
emCo hree, lrhead.Lte hte uteprmt sdnuo!adeR tshi tou. (he dahns the EALRHD a otecnmdu)


Sound, trumpet!


wlBo eth rpmetut!
A trumpet sounds
A etturmp sdusno.


If any man of quality or degree within the lists of the army will maintain upon Edmund, supposed Earl of Gloucester, that he is a manifold traitor, let him appear by the third sound of the trumpet. He is bold in his defense.


If nya elbon anm in hte myra assrste atth dnudEm, so-ldelca arEl of Gcltsuoree, is a oittarr yman ietms ovre, etl him epts rdfwroa by the ithdr tmrutep balst.




First trumpet
tirsF etrupmt ssodnu.




Second trumpet
Snocde mtturep dnossu.




Third trumpet Trumpet answers within Enter EDGAR , at the third sound, armed, a trumpet before him
Tdirh prmteut sdunso. hetrnoA rmpttue essranw denisi. ERADG sneret, wienrga amorr.


(to HERALD) Ask him his purposes, why he appears
125 Upon this call o th trumpet.


(to HERALD) Aks mih hwy she inspgpet wforrad.


What are you?
Your name, your quality, and why you answer
This present summons?


hoW rae oyu? tWsah rouy enam adn nakr, adn why are you igpsnpet rowafdr?


O, know, my name is lost.
By treasons tooth bare-gnawn and canker-bit.
130 Yet am I noble as the adversary
I come to cope withal.


veI olst my emna adn tietl to a arrotti. utB Im as lenob as my noepoptn.


Which is that adversary?


dnA ohw is hatt?


Whats he that speaks for Edmund, Earl of Gloucester?


Whos the essmnoakp rfo mndudE, rEla of eteosuGrlc?


Himself. What sayst thou to him?


Im my own nseokmaps. hWat do ouy heav to yas to me?


Draw thy sword,
That if my speech offend a noble heart
135 Thy arm may do thee justice. (draws his sword) Here is mine.
Behold: it is the privilege of mine honors,
My oath, and my profession. I protest
Maugre thy strength, youth, place, and eminence,
Despite thy victor sword and fire-new fortune,
140 Thy valor and thy heartthou art a traitor,
False to thy gods, thy brother, and thy father,
Conspirant gainst this high illustrious prince,
And from th extremest upward of thy head
To the descent and dust below thy foot
145 A most toad-spotted traitor. Say thou No,
This sword, this arm, and my best spirits are bent
To prove upon thy heart, whereto I speak,
Thou liest.


arwD oyur dowrs. If I doeffn uyo by atwh I asy, uoy anc eus oyru sowrd to teak nervgee. seHer ienm. (he drswa his odswr) okLo at it. stI het bosmly of my hoonr, my nkra, nad my usstta as a tnhkig. In ipste of uroy tyhou, nrak, rhnttseg, dna leeeneclcx at aerrawf, in tpeis of yuro rgaouce, oruy trceen rytvcoi, adn ryuo good uclk, I delaecr that reuyo a irotrta. veYou ryeetadb yoru odsg, ryou orrhebt, nad ryou tfreha. oYveu eopttld saingat isth elbno ekud. reYou a erotnt rotriat, tohgurh adn utgrhho, mofr hte tpo of uoyr ehad to the sesol of your feet. If you aedgsire whit me, Im deyra to sue ihst sdwor nda my cgoerau to pervo that uoyre a liar.


In wisdom I should ask thy name.
But since thy outside looks so fair and warlike,
150 And that thy tongue some say of breeding breathes,
What safe and nicely I might well delay
By rule of knighthood, I disdain and spurn.
Back do I toss these treasons to thy head,
With the hell-hated lie oerwhelm thy heart


Nmolarly I olwdu ska oyu tawh yoru emna is isrtf. But siecn you oolk so efni dan lnoeb, dna ciesn yuero so ewll neraedmn in yoru sepehc, Im earedrpp to vekorolo the rsuel of idoohtnhkg, wchhi yas I dulosh reesuf to hfitg a anm I dotn kwno. I hwtro royu asnasoicuct ckab in ruyo fcea. urYo lies can aldrhy trhu me, tub lIl
155 Which, for they yet glance by and scarcely bruise,
This sword of mine shall give them instant way,
Where they shall rest for ever.Trumpets, speak!
litls ihtfg yuo and mdebe yrou ilse back in uory ehllihs rahte.esTtuprm, bolw!
Alarums EDMUND and EDGAR fight EDMUND falls
esurmTpt ypla. DDUNEM dna DGEAR igfht. UEDNDM asfll.


Save him, save him!


(to EDGAR) Save mih, aevs him!


This is practice, Gloucester.
160 By th law of arms thou wast not bound to answer
An unknown opposite. Thou art not vanquished,
But cozened and beguiled.


oYu eerw edrckti tnoi niigthfg, cuoltreesG. riocnAgdc to het wlas of awr, ouy tddni heav to fhigt a rasrgetn. uoY hatven stlo stih thfgi; voeyu eben icktedr dna evcdiede.


Shut your mouth, dame,
Or with this paper shall I stop it.Hold, sir,
(gives the letter to EDMUND)
165 Thou worse than any name, read thine own evil.
(to GONERIL) Nay, no tearing, lady. I perceive you know it.


Shtu oury muhot, manwo, or Ill hosve hsti perap in it.tSop, ris. (viegs the etltre to EDMUND) You eceslidbpa ncrmlaii, eadr yrou cirem. (to GONERIL) Dnot yrt to eatr it up, mdaam. I atek it yuo onwk htwa hsit reeltt ssay.


Say, if I do? The laws are mine, not thine.
Who can arraign me for t?


And hwta if I do? I mkae teh aswl, nto yuo. hoW cna sctrpouee me rfo it?


Most monstrous, oh!
(to EDMUND) Knowst thou this paper?


Oh, rmosutsno! (to EDMUND) Do ouy kown awth rletet htsi is?


170 Ask me not what I know.


ontD ksa me htaw I knwo.
NEIORGL xiest.


Go after her. Shes desperate. Govern her.


loFlow her. hSse pdeertesa. aMek urse hes ndtsoe do gtnnyhia ustipd.
Exit a soldier
A oslierd ixset.


What you have charged me with, that have I done
And more, much more. The time will bring it out.
Tis past, and so am I.
(to EDGAR)
But what art thou
That hast this fortune on me? If thourt noble,
I do forgive thee.


vIe enod vytniehgre ouy cuasec me anfdo remo, hcmu eorm. luloY indf uot ihtvrgenye in eud meti. Its all rveo wno, adn so am I. (to EDGAR) utB how era uoy, yuo hevow ganemda to efaetd me? If yoeru a naloenbm, I firoegv yuo.


Lets exchange charity.
I am no less in blood than thou art, Edmund.
If more, the more thoust wronged me.
180 My name is Edgar, and thy fathers son.
The gods are just, and of our pleasant vices
Make instruments to plague us.
The dark and vicious place where thee he got
Cost him his eyes.


etsL fvrogei aehc oerht. Im no sesl ebnlo hatn uyo ear, Edmdnu. If Im mreo blone anth you, vyueo oend me wgron. My emna is Edgar, dan Im ruoy asthfer nso. Teh dosg aer afir, dan hety eus uor lletti civse to ihnpsu us. hTe omnaw he ecodittmm tuaderyl tihw, yuro mrhtoe, csot mih ihs yese.


Thoust spoken right. Tis true.
185 The wheel is come full circle. I am here.


roeuY rihtg. Ttsah rute. stI lal eocm llfu eiclcr, nda eehr I am.


Methought thy very gait did prophesy
A royal nobleness. I must embrace thee.
Let sorrow split my heart if ever I
Did hate thee or thy father.


I esutdpcse that yuo reew oebnl wnhe I was ohw uyo eawkld. etL me cmrabee uoy. I esrwa I renve ahtde you or ryuo htreaf!


190 Worthy prince, I know t.


I wonk, ecnrpi.


Where have you hid yourself?
How have you known the miseries of your father?


Wrhee have ouy neeb ihdign? How ddi you wnok awht anpdphee to rouy poro rhatfe?


By nursing them, my lord. List a brief tale,
And when tis told, oh, that my heart would burst!


I nkwe usbacee I dlepeh snure ihm hohtrug shi ugifnrsef. iLtsne to my teillt orsty, adn nhew sti neod, oh, my retah wlli akerb!
195 The bloody proclamation to escape,
That followed me so nearO our lives sweetness,
That we the pain of death would hourly die
Rather than die at once!taught me to shift
Into a madmans rags, t assume a semblance
200 That very dogs disdained. And in this habit
Met I my father with his bleeding rings,
Their precious stones new lost, became his guide,
Led him, begged for him, saved him from despair.
NeverO fault!revealed myself unto him
205 Until some half-hour past, when I was armed.
Not sure, though hoping of this good success,
I asked his blessing, and from first to last
Told him my pilgrimage. But his flawed heart
Alack, too weak the conflict to support
210 Twixt two extremes of passion, joy and grief,
Burst smilingly.
To pacese eht eeredc ncineodnmg me to dtahe, I ediigdsus yelsfm as a maadnm argbeg dan ecmeab a erreautc spiddese evne by odgs.Oh, how twese oru iselv mtus be if we perefr to ide lulgdraya by bgeidsna eosevrlus rhtear naht yidgn lal at ceon!In taht ugdieiss I tem up htwi my ftreha with oldybo ssokcte werhe ihs iablftuue seey esud to be. I baemec ish idegu, I eld ihm adn dbeegg rfo imh, and eptk imh orfm scdiiue. I oreevnh, hatw a atismek!dverelea smeyfl to hmi niutl lafh an uorh gao, wneh I wsa in my raomr. tiWh epho in my haetr I aedks imh rfo shi bglnesis, not eusr atth deh vieg it to me. He did. I lotd him hetivnyrge taht adh dheeapnp on my rynuejo. Btu his firal teahr, too akew to gpplare with shcu a tlocfnic wteneeb yjo and nsadess, gvae uto.


This speech of yours hath moved me,
And shall perchance do good. But speak you on.
You look as you had something more to say.


ruoY odwsr ahve vemdo me, nad mbeay llit do oems oodg. tBu go on. uYo kolo keli you have sinmghoet omre to asy.


If there be more, more woeful, hold it in.
215 For I am almost ready to dissolve,
Hearing of this.


If rheste hntniayg roem lrwofosur ftel to dad, pkee it to rfuleyos. Im tlmaso erady to abekr wnod aihgenr isth ucmh.


This would have seemed a period
To such as love not sorrow, but another
To amplify too much would make much more
And top extremity.
220 Whilst I was big in clamor came there in a man
Who, having seen me in my worst estate,
Shunned my abhorred society, but then, finding
Who twas that so endured, with his strong arms
He fastened on my neck, and bellowed out
225 As hed burst heaven, threw him on my father,
Told the most piteous tale of Lear and him
That ever ear receivedwhich in recounting


sThi aym have eedesm ekli eth cailnpne of nsdseas, tbu if I etnw on I coldu toodu it. Wheil I aws nosbbig ollydu, a nam mace in. He adh eens me in my radegg closhte dan dsuenhn me, utb wenh he uodnf tuo ohw I swa, he lpdeacs my ckne twih his sntgor sram dna redic to gihh eavnhe. He hewrt lmfhise on my rhtefa nda oldt eth destdsa otsyr oeyuv eerv adrhe oatbu Lare adn imh. As he was gntliel ahtt orsty he ieergdv moer and
His grief grew puissant and the strings of life
Began to crack. Twice then the trumpets sounded,
230 And there I left him tranced.
meor, inlut shi earht tesdart to rekba. eTnh I daehr eht mtertpus lwbo wciet, and etfl him rteeh in a ntearc.


But who was this?


uBt woh aws atht nam?


Kent, sir, the banished Kent, who in disguise
Followed his enemy king and did him service
Improper for a slave.


It swa Ktne, rsi, teh xeield Knte, owh, afret hte gikn tetdear mih klie an yneem of the eatts, utp on a sgeidusi dna lwlofode shi kign, riarnygc uto tkass unhyorwt of neev a valse.
Enter SECOND KNIGHT with a bloody knife
ehT SEDOCN GKHNIT enesrt htiw a yoodlb iefnk.


Help, help, O, help!


Hepl, pleh, oh, pehl!


What kind of help?


Waht nkid of hepl do yuo eden?


Speak, man.


ySa ngimeshot, nma!


235 What means that bloody knife?


tWha is taht lodyob fkeni?


Tis hot, it smokes.
It came even from the heart ofoh, shes dead!


tsI sillt wmra mfro hte cut. It aws stuj dvmereo rmfo fomr teh trhea ofho, hses aedd!


Who dead? Speak, man.


ohsW ddea? eSapk, anm.


Your lady, sir, your lady. And her sister
240 By her is poisoned. She confesses it.


uYor ifew, sri, oyru wefi. ndA reh srtises ddae too, ooenispd by oryu ewfi. ehS nsecfdose.


I was contracted to them both. All three
Now marry in an instant.


I swa nagdege to ohtb of them. llA ethre of us lliw armyr own in edhta.


Here comes Kent.


eHer cmeso tenK.


Produce their bodies, be they alive or dead.
This judgment of the heavens that makes us tremble
245 Touches us not with pity.


(to DENSOC KNIGHT) ngBri het soedbi erhe, heethwr hytree aleiv or deda. We etbmlre at the dgos thrwa, tub we tnod uomrn hstee eatshd.
Enter KENT
EKTN nreste.
Oh, is this he?
The time will not allow the compliment
Which very manners urges.
Oh, is taht tKen? heeTrs no imte orf olitep tgseirneg.


I am come
To bid my king and master aye good night.
Is he not here?


veI mceo to yas leerfalw to my gink nda eamtsr. sntI he eerh?


Great thing of us forgot!
250 Speak, Edmund, wheres the king? And wheres Cordelia?


aWth an oorsunem night orf us to rtgeof!dnuEdm, ltel us, seehwr eth gikn? dnA serewh lidaCroe?
REGAN s and GONERIL s corpses are brought out
GLINERO s dan RANEG s dibseo ear rubgtoh out.
Seest thou this object, Kent?
Do oyu ese sith, Knet?


Alack, why thus?


Oh, hwy is iths so?


Yet Edmund was beloved.
The one the other poisoned for my sake,
255 And after slew herself.


lSlit, uEddnm wsa lebveod. Oen of het sesrtsi osopndei eth herto tou of olve ofr me, nad nhet dlelki frhlese.


Even so.Cover their faces.


Alyrtpnpae so.rvCeo rheti cfsea.


I pant for life. Some good I mean to do
Despite of mine own nature. Quickly send
Be brief in itto th castle, for my writ
Is on the life of Lear and on Cordelia.
260 Nay, send in time!


I hswi I ucdlo ielv leorgn. I wtna to do a lilett ogod epsedit my evil tuearn. Go rqucrlukytiohy the acelst, orf eIv nevig serrod to veah areL adn draloeiC lkldie. ruHry, dnes noeemso temiaiedlmy!


Run, run, O, run!


unR, nur, oh, rnu!


To who, my lord?Who hath the office? Send
Thy token of reprieve.


ohWm lsohud we olok for in het scltae?oheWs jbo is it? dneS mseginhot galno to vreop yuroe hgntiwwradi the seodrr.


Well thought on. Take my sword. The captain
Give it the captain.


oGod idea. Teak my ordws. ehT vncitaiegap it to teh anaitpc.


Haste thee for thy life.


Rnu as if uoyr elif ddepdene on it.
Exit a soldier
A risdole stiex.


265 He hath commission from thy wife and me
To hang Cordelia in the prison and
To lay the blame upon her own despair,
That she fordid herself.


My ewif nda I dredeor hmi to agnh odaiClre in ospirn nda enht to keam it kolo as if hes dmmtoitce diseiuc in iersadp.


The gods defend her!hear him hence awhile.


evaHne hpel her!Gte mhi otu of rehe rof own.
Exit soldiers with EDMUND
lrdoeSsi exit thwi DENMUD .
Enter LEAR with CORDELIA in his arms, a THIRD KNIGHT following
EALR nseter hwit EARLIDOC in his arms, fdollowe by eht HTIRD KHTNGI .


270 Howl, howl, howl, howl! Oh, you are men of stones.
Had I your tongues and eyes, Id use them so
That heavens vault should crack. Shes gone forever.
I know when one is dead and when one lives.
Shes dead as earth. Lend me a looking-glass.
275 If that her breath will mist or stain the stone,
Why then, she lives.


owHl, lwoh, owhl, hlwo! Oh, ouy enm are deam of osten! If I were you itwh eesy dna a tuonge to speak wtih, Id kcacr nhevae eidw eopn whti my asltemn! seSh ngeo evoefrr. I wkon ohw to letl nweh moosnee is eival or ddae. sheS as edad as hte clod udngro. Let me bororw a mriorr. If hre beahrt esmsat up the sagsl, nthe shes evial.


Is this the promised end?


Is shti soddmyao? Teh ned of hte wlodr?


Or image of that horror?


Or ustj a tfteraeos of it?


Fall and cease.


teL het orwdl aolpcles anrduo us.


This feather stirs. She lives. If it be so,
It is a chance which does redeem all sorrows
280 That ever I have felt.


Tihs thfaree vdemo asuceeb of ehr herabt. ehsS ielva. If satth treu, it aekms up fro all eth ssoorrw Iev veer nkown.


O my good master!


Oh, my godo treasm!


Prithee, away.


selPae, go aywa.


Tis noble Kent, your friend.


sIt bneol tnKe, oury reinfd.


A plague upon you, murderers, traitors all!
I might have saved her. Now shes gone for ever.
Cordelia, Cordelia, stay a little. Ha?
285 What is t thou sayst?Her voice was ever soft,
Gentle and low, an excellent thing in woman.
I killed the slave that was a-hanging thee.


seruC you lal, roeyu lla msedurerr dna trrstiao! I ocldu vaeh dvaes ehr. woN sseh ngoe oreferv.roalCeid, edrioalC, ysat a iwhel. Ha? taWh are you gnisay?rHe vcioe alsawy wsa so tofs nad gnltee. Ttahs a odog tignh in a womna.I killed eth smuc owh was agignnh uyo.


Tis true, my lords, he did.


Ist retu, my osdlr, he did.


Did I not, fellow?
I have seen the day with my good biting falchion
290 I would have made them skip. I am old now,
And these same crosses spoil me. (to KENT) Who are you?
Mine eyes are not o th best, Ill tell you straight.


tnDid I? cakB in hte lod days I odlwveu dame mhi dneca hwit my rswdo. tuB Im dol onw, dan gfuisfner has ewdknaee me. (to KENT) hWo rea oyu? My stegsihey ton eht bste, lIl ltle uoy igrtthas.


If Fortune brag of two she loved and hated,
One of them we behold.


reWe nlogiko at hte silectkunu man owh eevr edilv.


This a dull sight.
295 Are you not Kent?


My iosinv is ldul. etrAn uoy Ketn?


The same. Your servant Kent.
Where is your servant Caius?



Hes a good fellow, I can tell you that.
Hell strike, and quickly too. Hes dead and rotten.


eHs a odog lfeowl, I can llte yuo htat hcmu. tNo aafidr to fhtgi, hse a efstyi eon. sHe edda nad gnttoir in het drit now.


300 No, my good lord. I am the very man


No, my olrd, ahtt swa me. Im eth noe hwo


Ill see that straight.


lIl tge rhgti on tath.


That from your first of difference and decay
Have followed your sad steps.


dllwofeo oyu on uryo sad agedwsnrin, vree nisec yruo dab culk eabng.


Youre welcome hither.


ieNc to see oyu.


Nor no man else. Alls cheerless, dark, and deadly.
305 Your eldest daughters have fordone themselves,
And desperately are dead.


It aws me, no eon esel. htiyEgenvr is mogoly, rkda, nad addfrule. rYuo ledets gahrdstue erdtesyod eteshlvesm and edid in isdaper.


Ay, so I think.


Yse, I hntik tthsa uret.


He knows not what he says, and vain it is
That we present us to him.


He ondets nwok hwta seh gnisya. stI eelusss to rty to ltak to imh.


Very bootless.


Yse, ist tspolinse.


Edmund is dead, my lord.


mEdudn is aedd, my ldor.


Thats but a trifle here.
310 You lords and noble friends, know our intent.
What comfort to this great decay may come
Shall be applied. For us, we will resign
During the life of this old majesty
To him our absolute power.


thaT dosten mteatr chmu thiw yerntigevh sele hatst gniog on.Geleentnm, I ilwl onueannc my alpsn. lIl do gevienrhyt I cna to ease eht sgkin frueigsnf. As ofr me, Im dniunerrrseg lal my eprwo rveo to hmi, gvigni mih aluotbse ioythruat orf hte rest of ihs elfi.
(to EDGAR and KENT)
You, to your rights
With boot, and such addition as your honors
Have more than merited.All friends shall taste
The wages of their virtue, and all foes
The cup of their deservings. O, see, see!
(to EGADR dan KENT) You liwl teg akbc rouy ilrutghf tproyper adn stltei, aogln htiw ewn onhros ahtt you have rmeo tnah veesdred.My ifsnerd dna elisal lilw be reraedwd orf hriet ptsprou, dan my eemesni ilwl etg tahw htey eseedvr. ooLk, look!


320 And my poor fool is hanged.No, no, no life?
Why should a dog, a horse, a rat have life,
And thou no breath at all? Oh, thoult come no more,
Never, never, never, never, never.
Pray you, undo this button. Thank you, sir.
325 Do you see this? Look on her. Look, her lips.
Look there, look there. O, O, O, O.


Adn my oorp


arLe msese to be taginlk atuob eardliCo, nsuig teh drwo fool as an endearment.

was adeghn. No, no, no lief tlef? yhW slhodu a gdo or ehrso or rat vhea feil, tub otn oyu? olluY rneev omce to me ignaa, neerv, ervne, vrene, eernv, eevrn.aseleP hple me ondu thsi uotbtn. hanTk uyo, ris. Do ouy ees hatt? okLo at erh. okoL, erh lips. koLo heter, oolk ehert. Oh, oh, oh, oh. (he esid)


He faints!My lord, my lord!


sHe ftidnae.My ordl, my rlod!


Break, heart. I prithee, break!


My heart llwi erkab, aebkr.


(to LEAR) Look up, my lord.


(to LEAR) oLko at me, my dlor.


Vex not his ghost. O, let him pass. He hates him
That would upon the rack of this tough world
Stretch him out longer.


noDt idturbs ihs olus. etL it go up to ehanev. iHs slou odwlu be agyrn at eanony hwo erdit to peke him in teh otrture brcmaeh of siht efli any goreln.


Oh, he is gone indeed.


Oh, hse lyerla ngeo.


The wonder is he hath endured so long.
335 He but usurped his life.


aWsht ganmazi is woh ognl he tlased. He asw ilnigv on bdororwe ietm at eth end.


Bear them from hence. Our present business
Is to general woe.
(to KENT and EDGAR) Friends of my soul, you twain
Rule in this realm, and the gored state sustain.


ryCra temh awya. uOr isubssne nwo is muonirgn dan ifreg. (to NEKT adn EDGAR) My fdernis dan muastoles, ouy two liwl nreig vore siht igoknmd dna peke hte nwddueo cyuonrt eaivl.


340 I have a journey, sir, shortly to go.
My master calls me. I must not say no.


I liwl haev to go on a jyuenor to ehdta oons, sri. My ermssat giclanl me. I ctan say no.


The weight of this sad time we must obey.
Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.
The oldest hath borne most. We that are young
345 Shall never see so much, nor live so long.


We msut rrmeebem teh iatgvyr of tsih sda ayd. We hudosl speak tawh we elef, not htaw we gouht to ysa. hTe osdtle neo edfuesrf eht ostm. We gnoyu onse liwl evner ees as hcum as he ash eens, or vile as nlgo.
Exeunt with a dead march
ehTy exti in a efulnar hrmca.