King Lear

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

Enter CORNWALL, and REGAN, and GONERIL, and EDMUND the bastard, and servants
CORNWALL enters with REGAN, GONERIL, EDMUND, and servants.
(to GONERIL) Post speedily to my lord your husband. Show him this letter. The army of France is landed. —Seek out the traitor Gloucester.
(to GONERIL) Hurry to your husband. Show him this letter. The French army has landed.—Find the traitor Gloucester.
Exeunt some servants
Some servants exit.
     Hang him instantly.
Hang him immediately.
Pluck out his eyes.
Gouge out his eyes!
5Leave him to my displeasure.—Edmund, keep you our sister company. The revenges we are bound to take upon your traitorous father are not fit for your beholding. Advise the duke where you are going, to a most festinate preparation. We are bound to the like. Our posts shall be swift and intelligent betwixt us.—Farewell, dear sister. (to EDMUND) Farewell, my lord of Gloucester.
Leave him to my wrath.—Edmund, go with my sister-in-law. You shouldn’t have to see the punishment we inflict on your father. Tell the Duke of Albany to prepare for war immediately. We will do the same. We’ll keep the lines of communication open between us. (to GONERIL) Goodbye, my dear sister-in-law. (to EDMUND) Goodbye, lord Gloucester.
Enter OSWALD the steward
OSWALD enters.
How now? Where’s the king?
Hello. Where’s the king?
My lord of Gloucester hath conveyed him hence.
Some five or six and thirty of his knights,
15Hot questrists after him, met him at gate,
Who with some other of the lord’s dependants
Are gone with him towards Dover, where they boast
To have well-armèd friends.
Lord Gloucester has helped him leave. Thirty-five or thirty-six of his knights met him at the gate, and together with some others they’ve set off for Dover, where they claim to have powerful friends.