No Fear Act 2 Scene 1
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How long shall I be patient? ah, how long
165Shall tender duty make me suffer wrong?
Not Gloucester’s death, nor Hereford’s banishment.
Not Gaunt’s rebukes, nor England’s private wrongs,
Nor the prevention of poor Bolingbroke
About his marriage, nor my own disgrace,
170Have ever made me sour my patient cheek,
Or bend one wrinkle on my sovereign’s face.
I am the last of noble Edward’s sons,
Of whom thy father, Prince of Wales, was first:
In war was never lion raged more fierce,
175In peace was never gentle lamb more mild,
Than was that young and princely gentleman.
His face thou hast, for even so look’d he,
Accomplish’d with the number of thy hours;
But when he frown’d, it was against the French
180And not against his friends; his noble hand
Did will what he did spend and spent not that
Which his triumphant father’s hand had won;
His hands were guilty of no kindred blood,
But bloody with the enemies of his kin.
185O Richard! York is too far gone with grief,
Or else he never would compare between.


How long can I hold out? How long will my obligation to the king make me suffer these wrongs against Gaunt? Nothing has ever made me show my frustrations—not Gloucester’s death, nor Hereford’s banishment, nor Gaunt’s criticisms, nor the king’s bad treatment of England, nor the

king’s refusal to let Bolingbroke marry

Richard rejected Bolingbroke’s request to marry the King of France’s cousin.

king’s refusal to let Bolingbroke marry
, nor my own ill treatment. I am the last of Edward’s sons. Your father, the Prince of Wales, was the first. There was never anyone more fierce in wartime and more gentle in peacetime than the Prince of Wales. You look just like him when he was your age. When he got upset, it was against the French, not against his allies. He spent only what he’d earned, and he never spent anything that his father had won. He never did anything wrong to his countrymen, but he punished his enemies. Richard, I am too upset, or I would never make these comparisons.

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