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Betwixt mine eye and heart a league is took,
And each doth good turns now unto the other.
When that mine eye is famished for a look,
Or heart in love with sighs himself doth smother,
With my love’s picture then my eye doth feast
And to the painted banquet bids my heart.
Another time mine eye is my heart’s guest,
And in his thoughts of love doth share a part.
So either by thy picture or my love,
Thyself away are present still with me;
For thou no farther than my thoughts canst move,
And I am still with them, and they with thee;
  Or if they sleep, thy picture in my sight
  Awakes my heart to heart’s and eye’s delight.
My eye and my heart have reached an agreement, and now each does the other favors. When my eye is starving to take a look at you or my heart smothers itself with sighs of love for you, then my eye feasts on a painting of you and invites my heart to join in the banquet and stare at the painting too. On another occasion, my eye is the guest with whom my heart shares some of his thoughts of love. So when you are gone, you’re still present with me, either through your painting or in my love for you: You can’t travel farther than my thoughts, and I’m always with them, and they are always with you. Even if my thoughts go to sleep, your painting will wake up my heart and delight both heart and eyes.

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