Chronicles of a College Kid: The Trickiest Graduation Party Invites of All Time

Chronicles of a College Kid: The Trickiest Graduation Party Invites of All Time

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We've been racing home to check our mailboxes every day, but so far, no brown and pink invitation from LOTViolists. :'( —SparkNotes editors

Hi, Sparklers! This is now my third blog post, and I'm loving the supportive comments. Thank you for all the advice and appreciation!!

Here's the update on the college sitch: I didn't get into Curtis. After I found out, I had practically decided on UNCSA when my teacher suggested that Oberlin or Peabody might be a better place for me. She said to pick a school and bargain for the maximum scholarship possible. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, you should only bargain with one school, so that you offend the smallest number of people possible. I love Oberlin, but it would cost a lot of money in loans and work study. So, we have asked Oberlin for more scholarship. They should let us know the final financial situation within a week. At that point (I think!), I'll make a college decision. Now it's between UNCSA, Peabody, and Oberlin!

Some of my relatives from Kentucky are visiting my house for a couple of weeks. I have at least three aunts and two cousins at my house every day for two weeks! I'm embracing all the family time. And now that I am 17, I get included in stuff the “sisters” (my three aunts and my mom) do. For example, the other day I heard that the sisters were going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I asked if I could come, and was very surprised to find that the answer was yes. As we are all meandering through the shop, my mom came across a brown and pink blanket.

Now, let me tell you about brown and pink.

When I was little, if someone inquired about my favorite color, the prompt reply was, “pink and purple!” But alas, one day, I decided pink and purple were no longer my favorite colors. Instead of finding a new favorite color, I just went years without a favorite. Then about a year ago, the color brown seized my attention like a mugger seizes a wimp with money. And I had a new favorite color. Everything brown captures my attention in a way you wouldn't believe. I am mesmerized by brown. It looks great with a bunch of colors, like robin's egg blue, burgundy... and pink. My favorite color combination is brown and pink. I'm so obsessed with brown and pink that it has become my “thing.” In fact, the graduation party invitations we sent out were all brown and pink.

So you can imagine my excitement when we stumbled across this brown and pink blanket at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It became... *drumroll * my first dorm purchase!! I am dying to take it out of its package right now and look at its minty fresh dormness, but that would make it much more difficult to pack. Sigh. Oh well, I'll see it soon—only a few months left! Wow... only a few months left... Craziness.

And finally, I will tell you about my graduation invitations. They went so perfectly and smoothly. First of all, we had a fight while trying to plan the cards. That was nice. Then we bought pink cardstock, which apparently is no longer being sold in stores, and is only available through special order until the supply runs out. Makes you wanna buy pink cardstock, huh? Anyway, we started working on the cards. We printed them ALL out, complete with my scanned-on drawings, only to find out a few days later that there was a misprint on EVERY SINGLE card. No big deal. We made the brown envelopes while waiting for the cards to be reprinted, and the envelopes luckily went pretty well.

Then, I “handmade with love” stamps on the back lower corner of the card, thinking it “looked nice” that way. But the stamp got slightly cut off when we used a corner punch on the cards. Not at all annoying or stupid-looking. Then, the corner punch broke because the cardstock is so thick. My dad's hands nearly broke as well, since we sent out so many invitations. Then we created the RSVP cards for people to mail back, and discovered we needed a different kind of postage than we thought. THEN, the crown jewel of all the disasters: We discovered ANOTHER typo! Luckily, my grandfather had some double-stick paper. My dad printed the correct words on the remaining pink cardstock, stuck the cardstock to the double-stick paper, and created a sort of sticker to replace the mistake. But that was all that went wrong. Other than that it was nice and easy.

In all seriousness, though, the successes have made the disasters worthwhile. For instance, we think the homemade cards make people want to come. It gives them an idea of how much fun the party will be. We've already gotten some yes-es, and everyone gushes about the cards, saying they're the cutest invitations they ever saw. It was an adventure, and now we know what to watch out for if we ever make homemade invitations again. Right, Mom? What do you mean we're never going through that again?? But I – oh well. Have a good couple of days, Sparklers!

What do your graduation party invites looks like?

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