Chronicles of a College Kid: 10 Things I Hope Will Happen In College

Chronicles of a College Kid: 10 Things I Hope Will Happen In College

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We can't wait for LOTViolists' follow-up post a year from now. Good luck with #5, LOTV! * rushes off to check FB*. —SparkNotes editors

I am looking forward to my college years so much. Here are 10 things I hope will happen! (Besides the obvious, like learning, having a group of friends, and becoming a superhero.)

1) I become best friends with my roommate. We all have that person who just KNOWS what you're thinking. All you have to do is maybe say a word, make a motion, grunt, or give a significant look, and communication has been exchanged. I imagine that this will be my roommate. We'll have a secret code. We'll go to many of our meals together, and walk to our shared classes with each other. We'll laugh together, talk about deep stuff late into the night, fight over the closet, and cry together. I really hope this will come to be. It'll be exciting to suddenly LIVE with a friend, because I meet most of my friends these days through music, so they all live far away. I can't wait for the community that will be my dorm!

2) I fall in love. I must admit, my family makes fun of me for being one of those people—the girl who falls in love with every boy she meets. I suppose I've had a lot of crushes... ahem... but despite the "fact" that I go gaga over every boy I meet, I've never had a boyfriend. (Explain that, family! Ha!) I don't really mind not having a boyfriend. It's not like I need one. But sometimes I feel like I'd really like to have someone to share everything with. Whyever I don't have one, it doesn't matter, because in college, when I live extremely close to everyone on campus, I hope I'll fall in love for the first time. Since I'll have my first (shocking) cell phone by then, we'll text each other all the time. He'll be there to have good times with me, comfort me when I'm sad, hold my hand, accompany me somewhere when I'm lonely... I always imagined that my boyfriend would also be my best friend. Well, besides my roommate. (Sorry, boyfriend.)

3) I learn how to make and manage money. This is something I've never really had to do, since I'm home most of the time. If I do go anywhere, I bring a snack or anything I might need. I very rarely have to spend money. But recently, I opened my own bank account. At college, even though I get a free 19-meal plan, I'll probably need to buy myself some food at the store. I'll also be buying clothes, renting movies, making trips to the mall every week, going out to dinner or the movies with friends, etc. It'll be a responsibility I'm not used to. I'll also probably get some sort of job. I'll play gigs with my quartet, including weddings and ceremonies. I'll probably teach some kids. I've also had this inkling of an idea to set up a movie club on campus that people would pay for. So with all this experience, I hope that I learn how to handle money very well.

4) I do well studying for my classes. Since I'm homeschooled, I mostly teach myself. I hear this is a good thing, because that's really what it's like in college. But I'm a little nervous that the liberal arts courses at UNCSA might be completely unfamiliar to me. I plan to work really hard and stay on top of all the assignments. If I have trouble, I'll ask the teacher any questions I have. (Speaking of which, I hope I have great teachers.) So, through being resourceful and working hard, I hope that I get good grades in all of my new college classes.

5) I become less dependent on the computer. What with the fact that I'll have my friends around me all day and that I'll have a cell phone, I think that in college I won't be as addicted to my four main sites: Facebook, Gmail, Formspring, and SparkNotes. I spend far too much time on the computer, distracting myself from practice, schoolwork, sleep, and family. I hope to break my computer addiction for good in college. I also hope I won't form a new texting addiction or hangout addiction. (Don't worry about smoking, drugs, or drinking—I hate the thought of coming near any of those things!!)

6) I do not gain the freshman fifteen. A wise psychic I know (coughmomcough) says that the way to avoid the freshman fifteen is with variety. Everything in moderation. In other words, I can't have a taco every single day for a week. And that is completely fine with me! I love variety. It's one of the reasons my favorite foods are salads and Asian food. There are so many different things thrown in that each bite is a little different! I'm also not a very picky eater. Another way I hope to avoid the freshman fifteen is to stay away from soda. Soda's good occasionally, but it makes me feel gross when I drink it. I hope to stick to water, milk, orange juice—you know, the good stuff that helps me get through the day. Why do I want to avoid the freshman fifteen? Gaining weight would harm my health. It would change the way my body was shaped, which would make playing viola different. Not good for progress. And I'd have to buy new clothes (which I won't be able to afford) and trash the clothes I have now (which I love!).

7) My knees do not get destroyed. In 2008, I went to a summer camp for a month. We had to walk everywhere. I was wearing Airwalk shoes with lousy support, and my knees and ankles started hurting really badly. One night, I had a friend call the boys' floor for an ace bandage for my ankle. Somehow there was a miscommunication and a guy counselor came RUNNING off the elevator with a bandaid like this. Someone had told him I was bleeding all over the place. Ah, rumors. Hopefully my knees and ankles won't hurt during college, because the campus is somewhat smaller. What's sad is, I love Airwalks almost as much as I love brown&pink. I annoy my family by moaning excessively about how I can't wear the supportless, yet sexy shoes.

8) I have the most epic snowstorm ever. Yes, yes, I know it's North Carolina and they apparently don't get like any snow ever. But when I was there, it did snow a little bit. Did I tell you guys that it snowed for EVERY SINGLE college audition I took? It was like my good luck charm. Anyway, I've dreamt for a long time of the fun that college kids must have in the snow. No parents around to make them be careful or something ridiculous like that. Just hanging out with the best friends of your life, being kids in the snow, building a giant igloo like I saw at Peabody, having epic snowball fights... it would be really awesome.

9) I get good at taking pictures. I love taking pictures! But I'm not terribly good at it. For my graduation, I want to have a new camera to take with me to college. I'll document the entire experience in pictures, and send them back to my family so they can see what I'm up to. Maybe I'll even include a few in here. I also think that taking pictures around town is a great date idea. I just have to be careful not to LOSE THE CAMERA, like I did at that camp I mentioned earlier.

10) I keep in touch with my family. I am going to email all my brothers daily. I'll call them all the time. I'll send them mail and be their pen pal. I'm looking forward to the fun ways I can still be involved in their lives. I'll email and chat my mom, probably asking her for help and just telling her how everything's going. It'll be weird for everyone not to have me in the house 24/7 anymore.

So yeah, those are the main things I hope will happen in college! What are you hoping for?

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