Visiting a Friend at College

Visiting a Friend at College

By Adam Buchalter

Just when you finally got the knack of navigating the system at your school, you're invited to spend the weekend at a friend's college. Your first instinct might be to get nervous and start asking yourself questions. What do they do for fun there? Will I fit in? Will they appreciate my surprisingly humorous references to John Steinbeck novels? But don't worry—your friend's friends will love you, and everyone appreciates a good Lenny joke. Here are five ways to make your visit a success.

1. Talk to everybody

Strike up conversations like the world is ending tomorrow—because in a way, it kind of is. You probably won't see these people again, so anything goes. Treat this visit a a wonderful opportunity to tap in to your extroverted side. If you see a girl who looks cute, approach her and compliment her on the Happy Bunny stickers she has on her backpack. It could be the start of a beautiful Facebook friendship.

2. Represent your college

Whenever you visit a friend's college, deck yourself out in clothes that represent your school. If your college's mascot is the Mountain Tapir, be sure to wear a shirt that promotes that exquisite creature. This is a surefire conversation starter, and a nice way to show off some school spirit while on your travels.

3. Walk aimlessly around campus

Allow your friend to give you the "tour" of his college. At first, this will start out as an actual tour. He'll point out the different dorms, dining halls, and recreation facilities, sharing campus lore and fun facts. But as time goes on, the two of you will start to reminisce, and before you know it, you will have circled the campus four times, and you'll have burned an impressive amount of calories. As a result of which, your next stop will most likely be...

4. Visit the dining hall

As we all know, we're not supposed to share our meal swipes with each other, but if you happen to have a friend who elects to break that rule, then definitely check out the dining hall. It's always fascinating to compare/contrast their food selection and yours. At the end of this visit, you'll probably come to an important conclusion, such as "they have crunchier french fries, but our sandwich station has muenster cheese, which is way better than cheddar."

5. Do something memorable

This is your opportunity to create a story that you and your friend will talk about for years to come. Perhaps you declare your undying love to a girl you pass on campus. Maybe you burst out singing The Temptations' Motown classic "My Girl" mid-brunch in the dining hall. If you're feeling ambitious, you might even nail your 95 Theses to the door of the college president's residence (scratch that last idea...Martin Luther's got that one covered).

Follow the aforementioned guidelines, and your visit will go swimmingly. And can never have too many Mountain Tapir images displayed on your clothes.

How will you make your visit to a friend's college memorable?

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