Dating on Campus

Dating on Campus

By Adam Buchalter

Dating in high school is fun, but a bit limited to stuff like movies, dinner, bowling, or baseball games with our vampire families (thanks for the tip, Edward!). In college, you'll find a brand-new universe of possibilities for memorable, budget-friendly dates. Including...

Cooking together
Looking to charm her into making things official on Facebook? Invite her over to cook with you, and you'll be well on your way. If the two of you are able to combine your powers and create the most delicious lasagna ever, than bravo and bon apetit, but if you fail, that might even be better. Nothing brings people together like a hilariously overcooked pile of pasta and cheese.

Walking around campus
This is one of those dates where a little bit of creativity can go a long way. Those of us who enjoy improv comedy can give our date a proper tour of the campus, and tell her the history behind lots of important buildings. "Little-known fact: the Arts and Sciences Building is named after Mr. Science, the well-known inventor billionaire." She'll be laughing so hard, she won't even realize you're wearing socks that don't match.

Attending school-sponsored events
College attract amazing speakers, artists, and performers, thus giving you the opportunity to go on really cool dates on a budget (or sometimes free!). Take your SO to see stand-up comedian like Mike Recine and revel in the gratis laughs.

Working out
You might not associate dating with tricep kickbacks, but your campus fitness center can be a phenomenal location for memorable dates. If there's a basketball court, why not challenge your paramour to a game of one-on-one? You can chat as you work up a sweat dribbling around the court, and then afterwards, you can indulge in pizza (hey, you just burned, like, a LOT of calories).

Hitting the dining hall
The dining hall is a crucial part of college, for many reasons. As far as dating is concerned, the dining hall is a wonderful place to spend a Friday evening together. It can be better than a legit restaurant because there's never a wait, you don't have to make reservations, nobody will try to kick you out after you're done eating, and there are generally tons of food options. It may not be the most glamorous date ever, but hey, you're in college! Glamor will still be there after you graduate.

What's your favorite on-campus dating spot?

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