Life According to Ginger: Help Me Choose a Major!

Life According to Ginger: Help Me Choose a Major!

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Spring break is upon me! By that, I mean that I’m back at my parents' house, and have set the lofty goal of doing the bare minimum of work over the next two weeks. So far, so good; I've left the house once today. Unfortunately, the bare minimum happens to include two papers: 5 pages for the most wonderful class I’ve ever taken, Ancient Roman Art—my prof reminds me of a combination of Professor McGonagall and Mrs. Norbury—and another 5 pages for Italian Renaissance Art, which was supposedly part of my requirements as a potential Art History major (that prof is the reincarnation of professor Binns... or just incarnation, I guess).

The problem is that while I would absolutely LOVE to write a paper about how the Romans are influenced by the Greeks and Etruscans, I’m really dreading the one for Art History (the prompt for which is really weird, complicated, and not worth explaining). Which is, obviously, a problem, because I was kind of thinking about a major in Art History. Now I’m not so sure.  Is it possible to love a subject and not want to major in it?

You see, Art History is still my absolute favorite subject. I geek out every time I look at J.M.W. Turner’s seascapes. Did you know that he tied himself to a boat in the middle of a storm so he could paint Snowstorm? Awesome, right? I’m absolutely sure that I will always want art to be a part of my life, but studying it just isn’t fun or even interesting anymore. I can’t pretend anymore to care whether the Palazzo de Pienza (a small cluster of small buildings in a small city) was designed in Alberti’s neoplatonic style or with an emphasis on varietas. Normally I would try to explain that one, but after reading 40 pages on that one cluster of buildings, and then an essay on it, I just don’t want to think about it anymore.

Problem with an Art History major #2: There simply aren’t many jobs in the field. Unless I’m mistaken (totally a possibility), an art history major can try to find work in a museum (very competitive job market), become a teacher (I don’t trust myself with kids), or go back to school for another four years (I shudder a bit at the thought). Even though everyone says you don’t have to major in anything directly related to your eventual career, the thought of graduating college without an immediate means of buying Honey Nut Cheerios is disconcerting. I need my Honey Nut Cheerios.

One last over-analysis: I haven’t taken more than one class in any other subject area yet. I definitely have no better ideas for a major than Art History. And I have to declare a major at the end of my 2nd year. Perhaps this isn’t the right time for a panic attack, but now I’ve worked myself into a minor frenzy (picture Taz from Looney Tunes), and can’t think about anything else. Help? Anyone want to randomly suggest a major for me? I only request that no math be involved. I’ll declare the first major in the comments. Just kidding, no I won’t. Well… I MIGHT….

Ginger’s Song of the Week: I kind of identify with Ida Maria right now. Not that I could ever write a song as catchy as this, but she looks a little bit insane in the video, and I can appreciate that.

If the Sparkitors may offer a suggestion—how about English??? Ginge, you're already a professional blogger! You've a got a leg up!

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