Is High School Just Like College? Kinda.

Is High School Just Like College? Kinda.

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I am continually befuddled by the similarities between high school and college. I mean, in my extremely humble opinion, college kicks high school to the curb, then steals its lunch money. But despite the total pwnage, there is undoubtedly overlap. 

As anyone who has ever applied for college would know, extracurriculars are key. Throughout high school, I was involved in tennis (captain my senior year) and music (section leader my senior year), but being the insufferable overachiever I am, senior year I joined as many clubs as I could fit into my schedule. Art Club, music honors society, student council, etc. All to put on my college application. And it worked! But it’s not like most of those were actually… you know… worthwhile experiences. We didn’t actually accomplish anything other than eating doughnuts and taking minutes at the weekly meetings. Once I was elected Secretary, I got to bring the doughnuts AND take the minutes. Back to the point: I was under the assumption that all the seemingly useless extracurriculars wouldn’t exist once I graduated. But you know what happens when you assume… (bad pun alert!)

So extracurriculars didn’t die out. Instead, they just became useful. The high school volunteer group that raked retired couples’ lawns became the group that went down to help rebuild New Orleans. The art club became the committee that chooses the movies that will play in the (free!) campus theatre. The student newspaper is published once a month and has legitimately good articles that people actually read. Of their own free will.

The student government accomplishes things other than decorating the cafeteria for homecoming. They fund the smaller student groups, and bring student grievances to administration. Basically, you definitely need to be on their good side if you want to accomplish anything. If you were involved in music, sports, art, etc. in high school and you choose to remain so in college, you'll find that everything is taken to the next level—depending on how good your college program is. I was demoted from the captain of the tennis team to the 2nd alternate, but I remained the section leader in my orchestra. And I’m not even that good at clarinet.

Alas, for every resume-worthy committee, there are at least two useless clubs. That doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome. Letter writers’ alliance meets in a coffee shop weekly to… write letters. To whomever. With fun stationary. There is a DDR club, a board game club, two Ultimate Frisbee teams, several a cappella groups, and a swing dancing society. The Dagorhir group meets a couple times a week to beat each other up with foam swords. You heard me right. They also have maces, spears, shields, and archery sets. Even though it wouldn’t be deemed “popular,” I’m pretty sure that everyone on campus secretly wants to join. I know I do.

Ginger’s Song of the Week: I feel like this song should be set to a montage in whatever cute indie movie Ellen Page is going to be in next.

Are you doing the same extracurriculars you were in high school? What are they?

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