Where Should I Study Abroad?

Where Should I Study Abroad?

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Ever since I was a wee little lass running around in my Gymboree jumpers, I’ve dreamed of one day studying abroad. Perhaps it was the trips to EPCOT every summer, or maybe hearing my mom’s stories of her study abroad experiences in London. Either way, I've always thought about it, and I’ve recently developed a habit of facebook creeping my friend’s pictures from overseas. Now I too want to experience the excitement of living in another country! I want to relish in the fine foreign culture! I want to enjoy the fancy cuisine! I want to meet gorgeous foreign men! However, I recently found out I won’t be able to study abroad for a whole semester. Because of my double major and when certain classes are offered, it just isn’t an option. Fortunately, my university offers a wide variety of summer abroad programs. And it’s never too early to start considering all of my options.

Austria: I’ll be completely honest; I’m only interested in the journalism program offered in this country because…I’D GET TO LIVE IN THE HOUSE WHERE THEY FILMED THE SOUND OF MUSIC!! Someone get me some curtains—it’s time to make some lederhosen! Seriously, how awesome would it be to stay in that house? I’d solve problems like Maria and run around belting songs (sing with me: These are a few of my faaaavoorrrrittteee thiiiings!). I may not longer be sixteen going on seventeen, but I sure am excited going on hysterical.

England: Because I'm an English major, it would only make sense that I’d want to travel across the pond. I’d get to explore the world of all the literature I’ve read, and I wouldn’t have to worry about not knowing the language! Did I mention the program includes tickets to six plays? That’s a theater geek dream come true! Plus, I’d have my own London stories to tell my children, just like my mother. Oh, and all those accents. Swoon. I might never come back. Sorry Mommy!

Ireland: Would it be acceptable if I just ran around looking for leprechauns, rainbows, and pots o’ gold? Probably not…but that won’t stop me! In addition to searching for mythical creatures, I’d also be on a hunt for some cute Irish boys between studies. It would give me a chance to use my newly developed pick up line: Kiss Me, You’re Irish. I have a feeling it would work well. If I don’t go to Ireland, there’s always St. Patrick’s day next year. Everyone’s magically Irish on that day!

France: I don’t speak a word of French except for “Bonjour!,” “Oui,” and “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” So basically, I can say hello to French boys and answer in the affirmative when they ask me that question. For some reason, I don’t think my mother would approve. Aside from chasing French men, I could walk down the streets with a baguette and not receive strange looks…it’s happened here at college. I could also fulfill my childhood dream of becoming Belle and find my own prince in disguise.

Looking at my motivations, it seems I may need to revaluate. I should remember I’m studying abroad for my MRS. Degree… Study abroad is a great opportunity, and I do hope that I can one day have the chance to do so.

Which country do you vote for? We say Austria, and France as a runner-up!

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