Should Faye Confess Her Crush?

Should Faye Confess Her Crush?

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Faye is SO CLOSE to being with the guy of her dreams. So what's the problem? Read on... —Sparkitors

College Fact #11: Directions for Finals Week:

Wake up.
Bang head against hard surface.
Sleep. Repeat.

If you were wondering where I was last week and you guessed cocooned in a caffeinated state of existence while holed up in a corner of the library behind a fortress of textbooks, you deserve a cookie.  

Anyway, I’m home, finals are over and I’m 95% sure I passed Calculus. WOOO! Only 7+ more finals weeks left until I graduate! Doesn’t that make you just want to stick your head in a blender?

Before I do that, I need to update all you Sparklers on my love life (or lack thereof). Starting with…

The Winter Ball

It was good, but not magical. I wanted Ash’s jaw to hit the floor when he saw me. Instead I got a “Yeah, you look nice I guess.” It was fun hanging out as a big group, but I couldn’t help wishing that Ash would ask me to sneak off with him and drink hot chocolate in front of the fire. When they played the first slow song, I asked Justin Bieber (the fake boyfriend, not the pop star) to dance since it didn’t look like Ash was going to ask me. Of course then my friends had to call over the photographer to take a hundred photos of us slow dancing. I wouldn’t be surprised if my face winds up plastered on the next newsletter. Then, get this: They only played one slow song! Gah! I definitely had fun, but I guess I was disappointed by the fact that things don’t happen in real life like they do in my head—you know, all romantic-comedy-riding off into the sunset like. Onto…

The Breakfast

Ash finally paid up on the Breakfast bet, and he paid up big time. Last weekend we went to the fanciest, priciest, best breakfast ever-est restaurant in the whole city. There was a guy making omelets, a guy making crepes, a guy playing the piano. The food was amazing: like, the eggs came from eggs, as opposed to the eggs they serve in the dining halls, which come from plastic jugs. Also, they had candy. FOR BREAKFAST. You haven’t lived until you’ve had Swedish fish on a waffle. And Ash paid for the whole thing, even after I begged him to let me chip in $10.

Now before you get all “OMG, it was totally a date,” I’m going to have to stop you. Yes, it kind of looked like we were on a date. But we talked about all the normal things we talk about. We didn’t stare dreamily into each other’s eyes or hold hands. Okay, we might have once mentioned how madly in love with each other we are, but we’re always saying things like that. Part of the conversation goes sort of like this:

Ash: I’m going to be so bored over break with no one to hang out with.
Me: Yeah, what are you going to do all day without me?
Ash: Cry, I guess.

I know we’re just teasing each other, but I still swoon a little bit inside whenever he says his life revolves around me. *Sigh*

Everyone thinks we’re a thing now. Ash is always complaining about “the look.” You know, the raised eyebrow, winking eye, air quotations look your friends give you when they walk in on your Chemistry “study session” with you-know-who. I told him that if the look bothers him so much he should just stop hanging out with me. He’s resigned himself to living with “the look.”

Now that I have nothing to do, it’s game plan time. Gosh darn it, if Ash likes me, he should ask me out already. When next semester starts, I’m going to tell Ash I like him. Maybe. I don’t know, probably not. I’ll at least be more obvious with the flirting. I’m a strong, independent young woman who don’t need no man (but would kind of like to have one). So Sparklers, what’s the plan?

It’s weird, even though I have no reason to stay up right now, I’m not in the mood to go to sleep. I’m going to go read a book now! Free time, how I’ve missed you!

Sleep is for the weak,

Faye :)

Do you think Faye should tell Ash how she feels, or wait?

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