Boys, Possibilities, and Ukeleles

Boys, Possibilities, and Ukeleles

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Talie may not have checked something off her bucket list this week, but she's still got lots to say! — Sparkitors

Before I start off I’d like to apologize to those that I’ve insulted in my attempt at faking a semi-believable Russian accent. Believe me, I’m not making fun of all the Russians out there. You see, I believe that I should have been born in Russia, due to my inexplicable love for the Russian culture, the Russian language, and, yes, those beautiful Russian accents. Maybe I’m adopted and my parents haven’t told me. But whether I’m a Russian by blood or only in my heart, I try to become as close as possible to my Russian “heritage” by attempting to produce a Russian accent.

And for those who I’ve insulted by trying to change Number 26 (learn guitar-->learn ukelele): Sorry about that… I’m not discriminating against guitars nor guitars players. In fact, I salute you all whole-heartedly. But the thing is, I realized that I’m a very poor college student who can’t afford a guitar. Plus, my parents got me a uke for Christmas, so…

Now, you guys are going to have to forgive me if this post isn’t full of its usual shenanigans or tomfoolery. Due to the fact that I… well… I didn’t do anything off of the Bucket List.

Awkward. If you guys want to start throwing me metaphorical rotten tomatoes and other varieties of gross fruit on the symbolic stage call “the internet,” that’s totally okay with me. I accept it completely. although, in my defense, work kicked my bootay this week. I had to plan my boss’s daughter’s party AND get the flowers AND the cupcakes AND decorate.

So, no, I didn’t get anything done. It also doesn’t help that, for some inexplicable reason, my friends decided to go off to college to learn or whatever. And I have to wait here until April. APRIL. There goes my usual crew to do crazy things with.

Luckily, there’s this family that I babysit for quite often, and the dad’s brother is coming to live with them for a bit before college. And he’s 21. So they asked if I could show him around, which I replied to with a fervent HECK YES. Except not really, because that would be creepy.

He gets here on Saturday. I hope he’s funny… and semi-attractive. I’m afraid that if I hope he looks like Sebastian from Glee, he’s going to end up looking slightly unfortunate, so I’m hoping for “semi-attractive” instead. And he’s possibly someone I can do stuff on the Bucket List with! I mean, sure, he’ll probably think that I’m a little weird, but that's not a new experience for me.

Anyway, he’s a new possibility, and that’s what bucket lists are all about, right? New possibilities? Doing what scares you? Looking forward to the future instead of staying stuck in the past?

Because, the truth is my dearest Sparkle-buckets, I don’t think the past is a very good place to stay. Lately I’ve been oh-so-paranoid that I peaked in high school: my first semester in college was all kind of a blur. The pneumonia might have had something to do with that, but it still wasn’t the best of experiences. And now that I’m stuck at home, all I can think about is how much I miss high school, like chorus and seeing my friends everyday.

Possibilities are hard to open yourself up to, you know? Because, in order for you to open up to new possibilities, you have to do something different—maybe even something you’re afraid to do. Possibilities include the future, which can seem like this giant black hole that can people either steer clear of or get sucked into. And if you get sucked into it, you don’t appreciate what you have now.

Which is yet ANOTHER thing about possibilities. You have to open them for yourself, which means doing something different right now. Which means doing something that can be so scary that you’re reduced to a puddle. Of fear. The truth is, I’m terrified of Number 23 (posing like a statue in a public place) and Number 16 (singing on a professional stage). I don’t really do stuff like that.

But when I do those things, it’ll involve getting over my fears and proving to myself that, YES, I can do crazy things like that. Which will open new possibilities for myself. But for all of this to happen, changes need to made. TODAY. Not tomorrow, not next week, but this very day.

Oh my lanta, this sounds like a sermon about possibilities and bucket lists… but it’s all quite true. So here’s to todays and tomorrows, possibilities, and bucket lists. I promise, I'm still committed!

To quote Paula Deen: CHEERS Y’ALL.

Talie :)

P.S. The ukulele playing has had a promising start. Woot woot.

Are you scared of trying new things, too? Got any advice for Talie?

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