Spring Break and the End of Sleep is for the Weak

Spring Break and the End of Sleep is for the Weak

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Faye's writing her final Sleep is for the Weak while enjoying Spring Break. Get ready for what's next! —Sparkitors

Spring Break, WOO! Everyone knows that Spring Break is when college kids go CRAZY! Partying all day, err'day. My dog and I were keeping it cool yesterday, chillaxing to the X-treme. And by that I mean I sat with my dog on the couch and watched The Price is Right while programming for my engineering class. I'm kind of an awesome person.

But that's not all! My mommy, aunt, and I saw Wicked, which was WONDERFUL! We sat in front of real New Yorkers and everything, which you need to do at least once to truly experience the city. I also met up with some of my friends for breakfast, and by that I mean my friends held me hostage over omelets while interrogating the toast out of me for information on Ash. This weekend I'm visiting my favorite red-headed college friend Ginger and we're making calzones, and then I'm going to see my high school's play with a bunch of friends. To end break, I'm going to sit on a bus for 6 hours. Yeah!

College Fact #20: You are not going to read your Physics textbook over Break. Someone told me this and I didn't believe them, but believe me when I say you will not do everything you think you will. Sure, at the beginning of break it looks like you have tons of time to get all your work done, get ahead on your reading, go shopping, hang out with friends, take over the world! Do not be fooled, though, because there's no way you're doing more than the bare minimum of schoolwork, and all that's going to be saved until the last day, anyway.

It's true, I swear, but why? Let me tell you the story of your body. At college you have so much to do, both fun things (like hanging with friends) and not-so-fun things (like studying for a Chem. exam). These things take up time, which your body used to use for something called "sleeping." For months, 6 hours of sleep a night was the new 10 hours. Now, once you're back home and you have a lot of time and only a little bit of work to do, your body attacks with a vengeance. You can AND WILL sleep until noon every day.

Now let's talk about ASH!

We're just about at the one-week mark of not seeing each other, and I think we're doing pretty well. We text just enough every day: once in the morning (I love waking up to "Good morning Princess" texts on my phone), a little in the afternoon to see how each other's day is going, and again to say goodnight. And I only really miss him when I see cute couples being cute together.

Then, I went to get my haircut, and I was reading Cosmo while I waited (Note: Don't read Cosmo; every other article is "His Best Sex" and how do they even know that? But I digress), and I came across something that said that girls deal with separation a lot better than guys. Apparently, guys need face-to-face contact to feel connected. And that got me thinking about the summer, and how I may be fine with a few texts a day, but Ash might not be. Summer break is less than 2 months away, which is super exciting but also kind of scary because I have no idea how to make long-distance work!

Until then, I still have half a semester to go, and I'm going to make the most of it. To start it off, I'm launching Season 2 of Sleep is for the Weak: College Dating Rules. It's where I make up dating rules based on my relationship and the relationships of those around me! And there are so many different couples on my floor to glean information from: Mickey and Minnie, Ken and Barbie, and our super attractive Mama Bear RA who's technically recently single.

And in case you didn't notice, it's a pun! College Dating Rules—like dating in college is awesome. But also, it's the rules of college dating! I'm pretty sure there is a direct correlation between how funny I think puns are and how long I've been awake...

9 PM: Puns are lame.

10 PM: Still stupid.

11 PM: Ok, it's bearable, I guess.

12 AM: Heh, that's kind of funny.

1 AM: No, it's punny!

2 AM and beyond: This is the greatest thing I've ever written!

Next day: That's probably the worst thing I've ever written.

Until next week,

Faye :)

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