On Dealing with the Death of a Computer

On Dealing with the Death of a Computer

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It’s finally happened. My beloved has passed on. Nobody was surprised—it had been a long time coming—but that doesn’t ease the sting of loss.  I’m going to miss my laptop so much, you guys.

It had recently taken to shutting off after more than 5 minutes of not being plugged in (so frustrating). Last night, it shut off randomly, and refused to turn on again. I hope you take me seriously when I say that I’m really freaking pissed. When it died, I was just about to find out what new meme my chemistry lab partner from 4 years ago had posted!

I can't believe this happened after I took such good care of my computer. I’ve spilled water on it fewer than 10 times, the dent in the side is only like an inch long (nobody really needs a CD player anymore anyway), and I’m fairly certain it’s only five years old. Life is so short. Oh well. It’s with our Savior now. That is, I took it to the Technology Help Desk and they’re going to see what they can do with it.

As I wept over the broken body of my dearest friend (and a bag of salt n’ vinegar chips), I came to realize how incredibly dependent our society is on technology, and how, despite its obvious shortcomings, I’m really ok with it. For instance, if my laptop hadn’t gone to a better place (the technology guy at my school is really good), I would be alone in my room, instead of making friends with the creepy guy who also happens to be in the computer lab. Wait. That was supposed to be a positive thing. Let me try again. The internet is awesome, and terrible. We have a love/hate relationship with it. Like… writing for SparkLife is pretty great. Reading summaries of The Iliad on SparkNotes is pretty great. Watching Nova episodes on YouTube is pretty great. YouTube comments are pretty terrible. Memes can be pretty terrible (sorry… I’m disillusioned). Perez Hilton is pretty terrible. (Subjective opinion!)

I could go on like this for…well… at least another 500 words before I got bored, but the thesis of this post is that I miss my laptop. I can no longer do things like Wikipedia “The Magic School Bus” (which is what I might have actually been doing when it crashed), because I have to work in computer labs now, and my ego is far too significant to let other people see that. So yeah. I’m pretty bummed out.

Ginger’s Song of the Week: This is, hands down, my favorite homemade video on YouTube, and one of the best parts about having a personal computer. I can’t even explain how wonderful it is, but I can only say that I’ve seen it AT LEAST ten times.

Have you ever experienced the death of a computer? How did you cope?

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