4 People You'll Meet Your First Year of College

4 People You'll Meet Your First Year of College

By Elodie

During your first year of college, you're going to be bombarded with people of all different personality types and levels of weirdness that you just didn't have to deal with back home. For me, these were four of those people:

Hall Mates. My hall mates were... a handful. Are they here? Are they reading this? No? Then I'll be straight with you: they were a handful of CRAZY. The girl in the room next to mine was constantly having loud, tearful meltdowns about things like furniture and vegan food. A friend of mine lived right across the hall from me, which was great... until her roommate hit the lunatic's point of no return by mooning her and slamming the door in her face after they had a fight. There was a group of girls down the hall that once set something on fire and prompted the evacuation of the entire building. And don't even get me started on Weirdly Ecstatic Elevator Girl and She Who Never Makes Eye Contact, Ever.

A Ridiculously Difficult Professor. I had this intimidating professor that never liked my essays. Ever. They were the embodiment of awfulness and the root of all suffering, and probably also responsible for world hunger and the creation of crocs. I met with him, and he recommended that I get together with my fellow students and take a look at their essays. So I grabbed four whole classmates and looked over their papers. Bear in mind that this was a class of twelve people, so I essentially got together with one-third of the class and asked them increasingly desperate and nit-picky questions about what they assured me they had "thrown together at the last minute." (Riiight.) I studied their writing styles. I compared and contrasted. Many a sleepless nights were devoted to my final portfolio as I analyzed my professor's notes in the margins of my crap essays. And you know what he wrote on that final portfolio? "Not your best effort. You should have taken my advice and met with your classmates."

Yeah. I've definitely had difficult classes where I grew as a person because of all the trials and tribulations, but this wasn't one of them. Sometimes you just have to get through it with a passing grade and put the experience behind you.

People That Are Really Hostile for No Reason. For me, this was the lady in the mailroom. When I asked her (politely, I thought) if my package had arrived, she opened up the floodgates with full snark. She made sure I knew damn well that I would receive an e-mail when my package arrived and not a minute sooner. This was my third day of college, ever, and I was so startled by her sarcastic animosity that I didn't retrieve my mail for weeks afterward (clearly tackling this problem with the maturity for which I am so widely famous).

People in the Communal Bathrooms. A person's bathroom routine is a real eye-opener. I knew one girl that sat on the floor while she was brushing her teeth, because she brushed them for so long that she apparently could not stand up the entire time. I knew another that would play her iPod, loudly, every morning with no ear buds at 8 a.m, thus yanking me out of my morning still-half-asleep stupor with screamo music while she put on her makeup three sinks away. But the real kicker was this group of girls that would meet every night to coordinate four-part harmonies in the showers. I don't kid! You can't make this stuff up! They'd gather outside the bathroom and say, "Is everyone here? All right, let's do this!" and then snag separate showers and start singing "Danny Boy" together... which was, um, different, because very rarely did that sort of thing occur at my house.

College is that first taste of the real world, in part because you're going to bump into people from all across the spectrum of tolerability. For instance, you may be able to tolerate midmorning screamo music, but keeping yourself from bellowing "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME" at your ridiculously difficult professor might be a bit of an uphill battle. That being said, you learn to deal, and it's rewarding in the end. (Probably. I haven't got there yet. I'll let you know.)

Are you now terrified to go to college? GOOD.

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