8 College Scholarships We Wish Existed

8 College Scholarships We Wish Existed

By RG Daniels

1. The PhotoBomb Scholarship: Awarded to the student who best exemplifies the ability to be a complete goofball in pictures that he or she is not intended to be in.

2. The White Castle Fund: Awarded to the student who not only "craves" an education, but understands the value of tiny burgers that cost less than 1 dollar and are so soft like little beef clouds in your mouth.

3. The Facebook "Like" Scholarship: A small-but-not-insignificant amount awarded to the students who display responsibility in the statuses, articles, links, and pics they "Like" on Facebook. Disqualifications include "Liking" links to Epic Fail GIFs, pics of someone's breakfast, and statuses that mention exes.

4. James Plimpton Memorial Fund: Named after the man credited with improving roller skates, this scholarship awards students who "skate away from the walls of obstruction" to make their way to "the center of the rink of life."

5. The Awkwardly Handshake into Fist Bump Scholarship: Awarded to the student who best exemplifies the ability to go in for a handshake with a peer/superior, then seamlessly curl their fingers into fist bump.

6. The OMG Fund: A financial reward to the student who displays a talent so bizarrely unnecessary that a panel of judges are forced to exclaim "OMG!" Previous recipients have included David Blaine, Guy Fieri, and the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

7. The Finding an Onion Ring in Your French Fries Scholarship: Awarded to the student who stands out from the crowd as "an onion ring in a sea of French fries."

8. The "I Can't Believe It's Not a Scholarship" Scholarship: Sponsored by "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" this is not a scholarship, but rather an amount of money awarded to a student who completely understands this is not a scholarship no matter how much difficulty he or she has in believing it is not.

Do you deserve any of these?

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