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Texas Tech University

the basics
Box 45005
Lubbock TX 79409
Undergrad Enrollment
In-State Tuition
$ 4,500
Out-of-State Tuition
$ 13,000
Room & Board
$ 7,500
5 reasons it’s cool
  • Students in the Honors College take graduate courses, conduct research alongside profs, and live in a separate learning community.
  • The Graduate-on-Time contract cuts through the bureaucratic red tape and keeps students on track to ensure that they’re out in four.
  • The ROTC program gives inductees the discipline necessary to tackle life’s challenges—and sometimes even pays for their educations!
  • Students from Texas and bordering states save on room, board, and tuition.
  • Red Raiders are Texan through and through.

Sports, Southern hospitality, and academic options

Techin’ Care of Business

At this large research university, students choose from over 150 majors, including some unusual offerings such as electronic media and communication, environmental toxicology, natural resource management, and plant and soil science. The most popular majors are health and physical education, mechanical engineering, and psychology. Among the ten schools and colleges, Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources takes the lions share of research dollars. The university maintains an active archeological site, Lubbock Lake Landmark, which is nationally recognized for its historic significance. The world’s largest collection of material on the Vietnam War is housed among the school’s massive library resources. While most courses have fewer than forty students, many are taught by TAs. And with an 18:1 student-to-faculty ratio, undergrads have to take some initiative, though professors are usually approachable. With Tech looking to rise in the ranks of global education and research institutions, the administration is investing more in quality professors, groundbreaking research, and renovations for many academic buildings, including a new English/Philosophy/Education complex and university center.

Who’s That Guy?

The Red Raider might look like Zorro, but he’s got a history all his own. Also known as the Masked Rider, the mysterious horseman made his first appearance at several football games in 1936, wearing a scarlet cape and circling the field on a palomino stallion. The mascot tradition was made official after the 1954 Gator Bowl when the masked rider led the team onto the field, stunning the crowd and spurring the team to victory.

Where’s the Party?

Students are friendly and welcoming here, but those of a more liberal political stripe may have a tough time fitting in. All freshmen are required to live on campus, and students can choose from a number of themed learning communities, in addition to a number of halls and residential complexes. After first year, most students head off campus to escape the housing crunch. As a result, most of the weekend partying takes place away from the dry campus. For those interested in Greek life, the twenty-eight frats and twenty-one sororities have a big social presence. But although Tech has a reputation as a party school, alternative diversions are easy to find. There’s a real community atmosphere on campus, and students are active in the nearly four hundred organizations and clubs, which range from publications to the Fashion Board to volunteer service to intramural sports. And just about everyone comes together to cheer on Red Raiders football and basketball.

Lubbock Is Texas

To those who haven’t visited the state before, Lubbock may represent the quintessential Texas city. The region is vast and dry, and despite the size, it’s a bit removed from big-city life. Unlike many parts of the state, Lubbock does enjoy distinct seasons. It also provides a friendly atmosphere for Tech students, who enjoy easy access to the Depot District’s numerous bars and dance clubs. Meals at many of the restaurants here can also be charged to the Tech Express debit card. Students also take advantage of skiing opportunities in nearby New Mexico.