Go Time . . .
Go Time . . .
#5: Prepare for the worst. This is by no means to say you should go in with a negative attitude, but you need to be ready to start the test with Analytical Writing topics of absolutely no interest to you, followed by your less favorite multiple-choice section (since the Math and Verbal sections can appear in either order). If something like that happens, you’ll be prepared; if it doesn’t, you’ll be relieved. Win-win.
#4: Keep your focus. Maybe the woman at the computer to the right of you will appear to breeze through her Issue essay in five minutes, while the guy to the left of you seems unaware that a test is even taking place. If you have a large enough group, chances are someone may even freak out and leave the room in tears. Assuming that this person isn’t you, don’t let it bother you. Stay focused on your objective and let the others take care of themselves.
#3: Choose your battles. No one question can hurt you significantly unless you spend all day on it. Keep moving throughout each section. If a question isn’t working for you, guess and move on.
#2: Stick it out. There may come a time in the last section when you’ll do anything to end your agony five minutes early. Hang in there and keep applying what you’ve learned. True champs finish strong.
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