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QUIZ: Is This a Tolkien Character, or Something My Cat Typed While Walking Across the Keyboard?

Tolkien was obsessed with languages and loved nothing more than inventing new ones. In fact, he was still developing the history and complexities of the Elvish language Quenya right up until his death.

Given this information, I’m not saying my cat strutting elegantly across the keyboard is comparable to one man’s lifelong dedication to linguistics, but I will say she’s very talented. She had to try a few times to type things that could feasibly be the names of characters (some of her first attempts were “wwwwq” and “999249724jjjfm”). However, she loves my laptop and the heat it provides when the fan starts going because I have too many tabs open, and was therefore happy to try as many times as I required.

So: is this a Tolkien character, or something my incredibly talented cat Lucy typed while lounging across my MacBook in the middle of a workday?

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