RP Size and RP Skill
RP Size and RP Skill
The difference between short RP questions and long RP questions is not in the questions. The questions are actually quite similar. The difference—prepare to be shocked—is in the length of the passages. Short RPs are about 100-words long and are followed by two questions. Long RPs are 500 to 800 words and include anywhere from eight to thirteen questions.
So, the questions on long and short RPs are similar, but the passages are of vastly different lengths. What should this mean to you? Two things:
  1. Long and short RPs test the same skills: Your ability to understand what an author is trying to say and your ability to evaluate how an author uses language to make his or her points.
  2. Your strategy for dealing with long and short RPs has to be different. The vast difference in the length of the passages affects how you should think about reading the passage and how you should deal with the questions after the passage.
In the following two chapters, we teach you the strategies you need to meet and beat both long and short RPs.
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