The SAT Personal Trainer
The SAT Personal Trainer
The SAT is a conformist. Each version of the test will ask the same number of questions about the same topics. The Math questions will cover the same concepts. The Critical Reading questions will test the same comprehension skills in the same ways. The Writing multiple choice will cover the same few rules of grammar, and the essays will always ask very broad questions.
Obviously, no two SATs are exactly the same. Individual questions will never repeat from test to test. But the subjects that the questions test, and the way in which the questions test those subjects, will stay constant.
Now here’s the twist. Tons of people go to the gym, but to get the best results, you need a personal trainer. A trainer tells you what you’re doing wrong and what you need to do to target certain areas of your body that need the most work. Using practice tests to diagnose your weaknesses turns each practice test you take into your SAT personal trainer. Sound too simple? That’s probably because everyone takes practice tests. But very few students actually study their practice test results, and it’s studying the tests that’s crucial.
To prove our point, we’ve got a case study: Meet Molly Bloom.
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