Know These Terms
Skateboarders use words unique to them. So do professional kangaroo wrestlers. Not to be left out, there are special words used in algebra that have specific meanings. Learn these basic six, and you won’t be left scratching your head in the upcoming sections. All these words are liberally thrown about on the exam. They’re designed to paralyze students who don’t know their meaning.
Word Definition Examples
Constant Quantity that doesn’t change, such as a number 6,–9, 1
Variable An unknown quantity represented by a letter x, y, a
Term The product of a constant and a variable, or a quantity separated from other quantities by addition or subtraction. 4, g, –8h
Coefficient A number that appears in front of a variable and tells how many of that variable there are. 5 is the coefficient of 5t
Expression Any combination of terms –3, ,
Equation Two expressions linked by an equal sign.
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