Reading Passages
The Importance of Practicing Earnestly
Much of what you’ve learned is intuitive, but some of it, like Bombing Runs and skimming, is not. No matter how much attention you’ve paid thus far, unless you complete your training by following the step methods we’ve presented, you’re putting an artificial ceiling on your ultimate score. Don’t do that! Achieve your potential; maximize your score.
Let’s face it: handling RPs is tough. You have a lot to keep in mind, so we encourage you to keep your practice sessions short and intense. You’ll need to get used to maintaining a very high level of concentration in order to maximize your score on RPs, so don’t burn yourself out.
Without practice, you won’t master RPs. You’ve learned quite a bit since you picked up this little book, but now comes the hard part—you have to apply it to testlike items. You’ll find several practice sets at the end of this book. Here are some tips for getting the most out of these items:
  • Do not time yourself on the first few reading passage sets. When you begin, don’t worry about time at all. Take as long as you need to work through each set.
  • Read the explanations for all items, regardless of whether you got them right or wrong. This last part is critical—always read all the explanations for each set’s items. The idea is to develop skills that will help you score points as quickly as possible. Most important, scoring a point doesn’t mean you got it in the most efficient manner. The overarching goal is to apply the methods you’ve learned. Whether you get all, some, or none of the practice items right doesn’t matter.
After the first set, you may want to start paying attention to time. Certainly, by the actual test, give yourself about a minute or so per item.
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