Sentence Completions
The 6 Most Common Mistakes
As you tackle Sentence Completions, keep the following common mistakes in mind. Some are mistakes to avoid when taking the actual test. Others are mistakes to avoid during your preparation for the test.
  1. Looking at the answer choices first, without having some idea of what the correct answer should be.
  2. Spending too much time (more than a minute) on any one item in a set.
  3. Failing to practice sufficiently—reading the book is not enough!
  4. Failing to practice the step methods on every practice test item. You’ll need these methods when the answer isn’t obvious to you.
  5. Refusing to fly Bombing Runs. That is, refusing to do items out of order based on your judgment of which will be easier and yield points more quickly.
  6. Refusing to guess when you’ve eliminated one answer choice.
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