Test-Taking Strategies
Bombing Run Practice Sets
As we’ve emphasized, one of the most important test-taking strategies is flying Bombing Runs. You need to determine which items in a set are most likely going to be the easiest for you and which to put off until later.
In the following section, you’ll find three sets:
  • Set 1: Sentence Completions from a Critical Reading section.
  • Set 2: Multiple choice from a Math section.
  • Set 3: Identifying Sentence Errors from a Writing section.
For each set, read all the stems and determine in which order to attempt the items. You can write down the order in the margins or on a separate piece of paper. If you’ve already studied these item types, go ahead and complete the sets. This second step is less important. Here, we just want you to focus on practicing Bombing Runs.
When you’re done, turn the page to see in what order we chose to attack these items. Realize that these decisions are personal, so don’t fret if your order doesn’t exactly match ours. Your strengths are what determine how you’ll fly Bombing Runs.
So get cracking on your SAT preparation. We wish you the best of luck on your test and in all that you do.
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