Writing Multiple-Choice Questions
Paragraph Improvement
      (1) Japanese cuisine continues to grow in popularity in the United States. (2) Americans are already fond of Chinese food. (3) Now they are discovering that Japanese cuisine takes a similar set of basic ingredients and transforms them into something quite special. (4) That Japanese food is generally low in fat and calories, and offers many options for vegetarians and vegans, adds to its popularity.

      (5) Americans’ enjoyment of Japanese cooking is still largely limited to an occasional night out at a Japanese restaurant. (6) Actually, Japanese cooking is surprisingly simple. (7) Anyone with a standard set of cooking utensils and knowledge of basic cooking terms can easily follow the recipes in any Japanese cookbook

      (8) Since Japanese restaurants tend to be fairly expensive, one would think that fans of the cuisine would be excited about the possibility of making it at home. (9) Unfortunately, many traditional Japanese recipes call for costly ingredients that often can only be found at Asian grocery stores. (10) As these ingredients become more widely available at lower prices, we are sure to see a proportional increase in the number of people cooking Japanese food at home.

We refer to the paragraphs on page 14 as the passage. Every sentence in the passage is numbered.
As with Sentence Error ID and Sentence Improvement, an item consists of a stem and five answer choices. The Paragraph Improvement stems sometimes include an excerpt taken directly from the passage, as in the first item. Part of this excerpt is often underlined in order to direct your attention to the particular portion of the excerpt. Four of the answer choices are distractors; one is correct.
The entire unit of passage-plus-items is called a set. We also use set to refer to all the Sentence Error ID items or all the Sentence Improvement items in a given Writing section. (We return to this particular set later in the book, so stay tuned for answers and explanations.)
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