Practice Questions
Practice Questions
1. Which statement is INCORRECT?
(A) All of the gases in the atmosphere mix completely unless they react with each other.
(B) The atmosphere of our planet consists of a mixture of gases and various particles in the liquid and solid state.
(C) The major gaseous components of our atmosphere are nitrogen, oxygen, and argon.
(D) Carbon dioxide, another major component of our atmosphere, has concentrations that are relatively the same everywhere within our atmosphere.
(E) The amount of moisture in our atmosphere varies with location.
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2. Refining of petroleum requires the separation of its components into different fractions.   BECAUSE   The hydrocarbon chains that make up petroleum have the same basic carbon chain (same number of C’s in the parent).
3. Alloys are mixtures of metallic substances. Which of the following pairs are matched INCORRECTLY?
(A) Brass – copper and zinc
(B) Steel – iron and copper
(C) Bronze – copper, zinc, and others
(D) Pewter – tin, copper, bismuth, and antimony
(E) Sterling silver – silver and copper
4. Which of the following hydrocarbons would be expected to have the highest boiling point?
(A) CH4
(B) C3H8
(C) C4H10
(D) C5H12
(E) C6H14
5. When methane, CH4, burns in excess oxygen, the products would be
(A) CH4O2
(B) CO + H2O
(C) CO + CH2OH
(D) CO2 + H2O
(E) CO2 + 2H2
6. A student performed an experiment and a gas was produced. After the gas was collected and tested with a burning splint, a loud popping noise was heard. Which of the following gases was produced?
(A) Hydrogen
(B) Oxygen
(C) Carbon dioxide
(D) Chlorine
(E) Methane
7. Which of the following gases is known to shield the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation?
(A) CO
(B) CO2
(C) CFCs
(D) SO2
(E) O3
8. Which compound is INCORRECTLY matched to the functional group that it contains?
(A) CH3COOH hydroxyl
(B) CH3OH hydroxyl
(C) CH3CH2NH2 amine
(D) CCl3COOH carboxylic acid
(E) C6H5COOH carboxylic acid
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