Answers to the Table Exercises
Answers to the Table Exercises
Naming Acids Exercise
Acid formula Acid name
HCl Hydrochloric acid
HClO Hypochlorous acid
HClO2 Chlorous acid
HClO3 Chloric acid
HClO4 Perchloric acid (or hyperchloric acid)
HNO3 Nitric acid
HBr Hydrobromic acid
H3PO4 Phosphoric acid
H3PO3 Phosphorous acid
HCN Hydrocyanic acid
HC2H3O2 Acetic acid
H2CO3 Carbonic acid
HI Hydroiodic acid
HF Hydrofluoric acid
Naming Organic Compounds Exercise
No. of carbon atoms = n Prefix or stem -ane CnH2n+2 -ene CnH2n -yne CnH2n–2 -anol CnH2n+1 + OH
1 meth- CH4 methane Cannot form* CH3OH methanol
2 eth- C2H6 ethane C2H4 ethene C2H2 ethyne C2H5OH ethanol
3 prop- C3H8 propane C3H6 propene C3H4 propyne C3H7OH propanol
4 but- C4H10 butane C4H8 butene C4H6 butyne C4H9OH butanol
5 pent- C5H12 pentane C5H10 pentene C5H8 pentyne C5H11OH pentanol
6 hex- C6H14 hexane C6H12 hexene C6H10 hexyne C6H13OH hexanol
7 hept- C7H16 heptane C7H14 heptene C7H12 heptyne C7H15OH heptanol
8 oct- C8H18 octane C8H16 octene C8H14 octyne C8H17OH octanol
9 non- C9H20 nonane C9H18 nonene C9H16 nonyne C9H19OH nonanol
10 dec- C10H22 decane C10H20 decene C10H18 decyne C10H21OH decanol
*Must have two carbons for a double or triple bond!
Formula Writing and Naming Exercise
Ag+ Si2+ Cu+ Ba2+ NH4+ P5+ Mn7+
N3- Ag3N silver nitride Si3N2 trisilicon dinitride Cu3N copper (I) nitride Ba3N2 barium nitride (NH4)3N ammonium nitride P3N5 triphosphorus pentanitride Mn3N7 manganese (VII) nitride
O2- Ag2O silver oxide SiO silicon monoxide Cu2O copper (I) oxide BaO barium oxide (NH4)2O ammonium oxide P2O5 diphosphorus pentoxide Mn2O7 manganese (VII) oxide
Br- AgBr silver bromide SiBr2 silicon dibromide CuBr copper (I) bromide BaBr2 barium bromide NH4Br ammonium bromide PBr5 phosphorus pentabromide MnBr7 manganese (VII) bromide
S2- Ag2S silver sulfide SiS silicon sulfide Cu2S copper (I) sulfide BaS barium sulfide (NH4)2S ammonium sulfide P2S5 diphosphorus pentasulfide Mn2S7 manganese (VII) sulfide
SO42- Ag2SO4 silver sulfate SiSO4 silicon sulfate Cu2SO4 copper (I) sulfate BaSO4 barium sulfate (NH4)2SO4 ammonium sulfate P2(SO4)5 diphosphorus pentasulfate Mn2(SO4)7 manganese (VII) sulfate
ClO2- AgClO2silver chlorite Si(ClO2)2silicon chlorite CuClO2 copper (I) chlorite Ba(ClO)2 barium chlorite NH4ClO2ammonium chlorite P(ClO2)5 phosphorus pentachlorite Mn(ClO2)7manganese chlorite
PO33- Ag(PO3)3 silver phosphite Si3(PO3)2silicon phosphite Cu3PO3 copper (I) phosphite Ba3(PO3)2 barium phosphite (NH4)3PO3 ammonium phosphite P3(PO3)5 triphosphorus pentaphosphite Mn3(PO3)7 manganese (VII) phosphite
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