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Sentence Revision Questions
Please Note:
The last administration of the SAT II Writing was on 1/22/05. Beginning 3/12/05, parts of the SAT II Writing test will be included in the New SAT. You should be studying the New SAT book. Go there!
Sentence Revision Questions
You might be asked to revise a sentence for a variety of reasons.
Revising Awkward Sentences
Most revising sentences questions will have you untangling confusing or unwieldy syntax. These are two typical ways the test will pose this sort of sentence revision question:
Which of the following best revises the underlined portion of sentence 3, which is reprinted below?
Which is the clearest version of the underlined portion of sentence 2?
Revising Ambiguous Sentences
Many revising sentences questions will require you to make ambiguous wording more specific. The following question asks you to add one word in order to clear up ambiguity:
In the context of the third paragraph, sentence 9 could be made more precise by adding which of the following words after “That”?
Some questions will ask you to change one vague phrase. For example:
The phrase “this thing” in sentence 5 is made most specific in which of the following revisions?
Revising Unclear Sentences
Other revising sentences questions will ask you to add a phrase or word that clarifies an unclear sentence. Look at this question:
Which is the best word or phrase to add after “The movie theater” in order to connect sentence 3 (reprinted below) to the rest of the first paragraph?
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