1. Where was Bessie Smith born?

2. What was Smith's eldest sister's name?

3. When did Smith join Moses Stokes' Traveling Show?

4. What accessory was Ma Rainey best known for?

5. What was the title of Bessie Smith's first hit record?

6. What famous musician did Smith team up with for the recording of her famous song "St. Louis Blues"?

7. When did women win the right to vote?

8. What was Smith's first husband's name?

9. What year did Smith and Jack Gee marry?

10. Which record companies turned Smith down because her voice was "too rough"?

11. At her peak, how much was Smith making a week?

12. Who was one of Smith's chorines and also her lover?

13. Who was the head of Columbia's "Race Records"?

14. How many records did Smith record for Columbia?

15. What was the title of the musical Smith appeared in with Sidney Bechet in 1923?

16. On what day and year did the Stock Market crash?

17. What happened on Jack Gee and Smith's first date?

18. What was Smith's nickname for her adopted son?

19. Which song, outside of "St. Louis Blues," is most widely identified with Bessie Smith, and which was recorded in 1929?

20. What is the term used to describe the mass relocation of African-Americans to the North in the decades following the Civil War?

21. What was the name of the traveling minstrel show where Smith first met Ma Rainey?

22. Who was Carl Van Vechten?

23. Who was Richard Morgan?

24. To what genre of music did American tastes shift after the Stock Market crash?

25. Who wrote Smith's famous hit "St. Louis Blues"?

26. What year did Prohibition go into effect?

27. What does the term "Harlem Renaissance" refer to?

28. Which man in Smith's life suffered a series of nervous breakdowns?

29. What year did Smith start in the short film "St. Louis Blues"?

30. What year did Columbia release Bessie Smith from her contract?

31. Whom did Smith replace at the last minute for her performance at the Apollo Theater?

32. What new nickname did Smith go by when she started singing jazz standards in the thirties?

33. What was the date of Bessie Smith's death?

34. Where did Bessie Smith die?

35. What famous playwright wrote a play about the controversies surrounding Smith's death?

36. In what city was Smith's funeral held?

37. Rumors about Smith's death stemmed from a magazine article by which music writer?

38. For how many years did Smith's grave go without a headstone?

39. Which famous 1960s rock star paid for a headstone for Bessie Smith's grave in 1970?

40. How many Grammy Awards did Columbia's re-issue of Smith's 160 songs win?

41. When was Smith inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?