1. What science did Bohr's father study?

2. What was the maiden name of Bohr's mother?

3. What profession did Bohr's brother Harald go on to?

4. What was the name of the Cambridge laboratory where Rutherford replaced Thomson?

5. What scientist caused waves with his wave equation?

6. Who discovered the electron, naming it a "corpuscle"?

7. What pair of scientists below were most responsible for the early formulations of quantum theory?

8. How many siblings did Bohr have?

9. In what year did Bohr received the Nobel Prize?

10. Which of the following terms is not directly associated with Bohr's work?

11. The Ekliptika discussion group was formed primarily to discuss what field?

12. What Dutch physicist would serve as a faithful assistant to Bohr for almost ten years?

13. In what Italian city was the Volta Commemoration Conference held?

14. What German chemist is credited for nuclear fission?

15. Bohr determined that which isotope of uranium was most susceptible to fission?

16. What subject was Bohr's doctoral thesis on?

17. What year did Bohr received the Atoms for Peace Award?

18. With what college was the Institute for Advanced Study affiliated?

19. In what journal was Bohr's prize-winning undergraduate project published?

20. In what year did Harald participate on the Danish Olympic soccer team?

21. Who won the Nobel Prize for physics the year immediately before Bohr?

22. Bohr's work on the surface tension of liquids extended the theories of what scientist?

23. In what city did Bohr first meet Einstein?

24. Otto Frisch was the nephew of which of Bohr's colleagues?

25. To what house was the Bohr family invited to live as a symbol of Denmark's appreciation?

26. The period of rapid developments in the 1920s is often called which of the following?

27. With what assistant to Rutherford discover the proton and neutron?

28. Unexpected radiation from which of the following elements led to Bohr's formulation of the compound nucleus?

29. Where was the central secret site for American research on the atomic bomb?

30. Bohr passed away shortly after having suffered which of the following?

31. Which one of the following is a duality that the principle of complementarity sought to reconcile?

32. Who were the first guests when the Bohr family moved into Denmark's special house?

33. What was one of the elements uranium was found to have split into?

34. The uncertainty principle asserts that the velocity of a particle cannot be simultaneously and exactly determined without along with which of the following?

35. Who was responsible for the exclusion principle?

36. In what year did Germany occupy Denmark?

37. On what date did Bohr give up fighting for international cooperation on atomic policy?

38. What was Bohr's older sister named?

39. What material was Rutherford bombarding when he discovered the nucleus?

40. What journal published Bohr's famous Trilogy of articles in 1913?

41. To what country did Bohr first escape when he finally left Nazi-occupied Denmark?

42. In his paper "On the Quantum Theory of Line Spectra," what did Bohr elaborate on?

43. What is the official name for the Copenhagen Institute?

44. With what colleagues did Heisenberg write his groundbreaking paper on quantum mechanics?

45. Schrödinger based his work with wave equations on whose original ideas?

46. When Fermi thought he might have discovered element No. ninety-three, he had actually done what?

47. Who was Fermi's partner in working on the chain reaction of nuclear fission?

48. How did Bohr escape from Nazi-occupied Denmark?

49. In what city was CERN to be established?

50. In what year did Bohr receive his doctorate?

51. What problem with Rutherford's atomic model did Bohr try to correct?