1. Where was Galileo born?

2. What was Galileo's father's great hobby?

3. The explosion of art and culture in 15th- and 16th-century Italy was known as the...

4. What was the dominant religion in 16th-century Italy?

5. What was the name of the movement to reform Catholicism from within?

6. Who was the ruling family of Tuscany?

7. Where did Galileo enrolled at university?

8. What did Galileo originally study at the university?

9. In what field did Galileo's true interests lie?

10. Galileo's first teaching position was at the University of where?

11. There, Galileo made a famous experiment to disprove whose theory of downward motion?

12. What did Galileo's law of inertia state?

13. Where was Galileo's second university appointment?

14. What was the name of Galileo's mistress?

15. How many children did Galileo have by his mistress?

16. What was the name of the ancient astronomer who proposed a geocentric theory of the universe?

17. Who was the first modern thinker to question geocentricity?

18. Who invented the telescope?

19. When did Galileo develop his own telescope?

20. What was Galileo's first discovery to be made with his telescope?

21. How many of Jupiter's moons did Galileo discover?

22. What did Galileo name the moons?

23. Galileo's published record of his observations was called Sidereus Nuncius, meaning:

24. After the publication of Sidereus Nuncius, Galileo accepted a new appointment from the Grand Duke of which place?

25. Where did Galileo journey in 1611?

26. Which Catholic religious order had a strong interest in astronomy?

27. Of what notion was the Catholic Church deeply suspicious?

28. Which of the following did Galileo NOT use as evidence for his theory of the universe?

29. Who was Galileo's great antagonist within the Church, in the period 1610-1616?

30. What was the name of the Church institution responsible for dealing with heresy?

31. Bellarmine and others urged Galileo to teach heliocentricity as a ___, rather than a ___

32. In 1616, what did the Church declare regarding heliocentricity?

33. Which pope approved the 1616 decision?

34. What did Galileo's two daughters become?

35. What was the name of Galileo's eldest daughter, with whom he was closest?

36. In the debate over the comets, Galileo made enemies of which religious order?

37. What was the name of Galileo's treatise on the comets?

38. Which pope's ascension did Galileo welcome as a great opportunity for science?

39. What was the name of Galileo's great attempt to prove the truth of the Copernican system?

40. What was the name of the character who defended the Ptolemaic theory in this work?

41. Galileo's enemies declared that Galileo's character of Simplicio was meant to resemble which real-life person?

42. Whither did the Inquisition summon Galileo in 1633?

43. Where was Galileo held as prisoner while being interrogated by the Inquisition?

44. During Galileo's interrogation, how did Urban VIII conduct himself?

45. What was the fate of Galileo after weeks of interrogation by the Inquisition?

46. What sentence did the Church issue to Galileo?

47. Where did Galileo lived the rest of his life?

48. When did Galileo die?