1. Where was Grant born?

2. What was Grant's original given name?

3. What was Grant's father's business?

4. How did Grant's name come to be changed?

5. What branch of the army did Grant enter when he graduated from West Point?

6. In what area did Grant set a twenty-five year record at West Point?

7. How many slaves did Grant own?

8. Which two forts did Grant capture in 1862?

9. What victory came after Vicksburg?

10. Where did Grant lose 6,000 men in one hour?

11. What army did Robert E. Lee head?

12. Grant's face is on which denomination of U.S. currency?

13. Whom did Grant defeat for the Presidency in 1868?

14. How did Grant view the Battle of the Wilderness?

15. Where did Grant first see combat?

16. What was Grant's most notable action in Mexico?

17. What crop did Grant plant in Washington State only to have it fail?

18. What rank did Grant hold when he resigned from the Army?

19. After failing as a farmer, what occupation did Grant pursue?

20. What was the name of the house Grant built outside St. Louis?

21. What was Grant's first posting in the Civil War?

22. What army did Grant command in the West?

23. What Caribbean island did Grant try to annex while president?

24. In what year did Grant supporters almost nominate him for a third term?

25. After traveling in Europe, where did Grant settle?

26. What crisis occurred in 1873?

27. Which Confederate general almost crushed the Union forces at Chattanooga?

28. Who was the first Presidential candidate Grant supported?

29. Which Union general made a "march to the sea"?

30. Grant adopted the laid-back dress of which Mexican War general?

31. Grant's first posting after the Mexican War was where?

32. The U.S. settled the Mexican War and annexed Texas, New Mexico, and California for how much?

33. What group caused terror among the blacks in Reconstruction-era South?

34. What did Grant pawn in 1857 to pay for Christmas presents?

35. When Grant left St. Louis in 1859, what did he do with his slave?

36. What rank did Grant achieve in his second year at West Point?

37. What was one of Grant's favorite classes at the Military Academy?

38. The Fourteenth Amendment did what?

39. At which battle did Confederate troop surprise Grant's army at dawn?

40. What rank did Congress specially create for Grant in 1866?

41. What office did Grant fill in 1867 for five months?

42. What was Grant's motto for his presidential campaign?

43. Which side won the Civil War?

44. Who opposed Grant in the 1872 election?

45. Who were Jay Gould and James Fisk?

46. The Fifteenth Amendment did what?

47. What disease killed 150 of Grant's men as they crossed Panama on their way to San Francisco?

48. What was "Black Friday"?

49. In two days of battle at which site did more men die than in any other war on the American continent to that date?

50. Who is buried in Grant's tomb?