1412: ·Joan of Arc born and baptized in Domremy
1425: ·Joan begins to hear voices
1428: ·Joan travels to Vaucouleurs (prompted by voices), and asks to join the Dauphin but is turned away.
1429: ·Joan journeys again to Vaucouleurs to ask to join the Dauphin's forces; this time she is accepted.
February 13, 1429: ·Joan leaves Vaucouleurs dressed in men's clothing and heads to Chinon, where the Dauphin is staying. Once there, she asks to help France fight the English and the Burgundians; Charles orders her interrogation by Churchmen for the next three weeks.
April 1429: ·Dauphin gives Joan command of a small force.
April 27, 1429: ·Joan and her troops set out from Blois to relieve French forces at the Siege of Orleans
April 29, 1429: ·Joan and La Hire reach Orleans, where they are told to wait for reinforcements.
May 4, 1429: ·After a sudden inspiration, Joan leads an attack on the English.
May 7, 1429: ·Wounded, Joan nonetheless leads a battle at Les Tourelles.
May 9, 1429: ·Joan travels to Tours, where she asks the Dauphin to go immediately to Reims for a coronation ceremony.
June 18, 1429: ·Battle of Patay
July 16, 1429: ·Dauphin's army reaches Reims
July 17, 1429: ·The Dauphin is crowned King of France
July 20, 1429: ·Charles leaves Reims and parades around region
August 2, 1429: ·Charles retreats to Loire
August 14, 1429: ·French and English forces skirmish at Senlis
August 28, 1429: ·Burgundy and France sign a four-month truce
September 8, 1429: ·Assault on Paris begins
December 1429: ·Charles raises Joan, her parents, and her brothers to nobility status
May 14, 1430: ·Joan reaches Compiegne
May 25, 1430: ·Paris learns of Joan's capture
January 3, 1431: ·Joan transferred to Bishop Pierre Cauchon's control for interrogation.
January 13, 1431: ·Joan's trial begins
May 24, 1431: ·Upon the reading of her sentence, Joan, frightened, signs a last- minute abjuration
May 29, 1431: ·After rescinding her abjuration, Joan is transferred from ecclesiastic to secular authority.
May 30, 1431: ·Joan is burned at the stake
1450: ·Charles VII orders an investigation into Joan of Arc's trial
May 16, 1920: ·Pope Benedict XV makes Joan of Arc a saint

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