1. The United States Supreme Court ruled that "separate but equal" facilities were legal in which 1896 court case?

2. Which African American leader delivered the speech that became known as the "Atlanta Compromise"?

3. King's father was which of the following?

4. How many siblings did King have?

5. Where was King born?

6. When King first went to college, he was considering which professions?

7. Where did King meet Coretta Scott?

8. Theologian Walter Rauschenbusch is known for which of the following ideas?

9. From whom did King first hear of Mahatma Gandhi?

10. When King graduated from Boston University, where did he find work?

11. Whose act of defiance began the Montgomery Bus Boycott?

12. What group was founded to oversee the bus boycott?

13. How long did the boycott last?

14. A decision from what institution led to the end of the boycott?

15. Why did the City of Montgomery sue the Montgomery Improvement Association?

16. What year was the Southern Christian Leadership Conference founded?

17. Which of the following people was NOT an advisor to King?

18. Which African nation did King visit in 1957?

19. On the cover of which magazine did King appear in 1957?

20. The wave of student sit-ins that swept the country in 1960 began in which Southern city?

21. Who was the go-between for King and the Kennedy Administration?

22. In order to ensure the safety of the Freedom Rides, what did the Attorney General do?

23. In Albany, Georgia, King and the SCLC focused most on what?

24. Who was the police chief of Albany, Georgia?

25. Which of the following did NOT lead to the failure of the campaign in Albany, Georgia?

26. Which of the following people was a preacher in Birmingham?

27. What percentage of the population of Birmingham was black?

28. What violent means did the Birmingham police use to disperse protestors?

29. The Birmingham demonstrations led to which piece of federal legislation?

30. After King and the City negotiated an end to the protests, what did King do next?

31. About how many people marched on Washington on 28 August 1963?

32. Who spoke last at the rally that concluded the march?

33. In what Southern state was Medgar Evers shot?

34. Which presidential candidate did King endorse in 1964?

35. How many civil rights workers were murdered during "Freedom Summer" in 1964?

36. Where did King receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

37. Out of over 15,000 black residents in Selma, Alabama, how many were registered to vote in 1965?

38. When plans were announced for a march from Selma to Montgomery, who prohibited it the event?

39. How many federal troops were sent to accompany protestors, the third time they marched from Selma to Montgomery?

40. During the Selma Campaign, whom did the Ku Klux Klan kill?

41. Five days after the Voting Rights Act of 1965 became law, where did massive riots erupt?

42. To what city did King move at the beginning of 1966?

43. What slogan did Stokely Carmichael popularize and King refuse to endorse?

44. At the end of his life, what issue did King begin to address that did not relate directly to civil rights for African Americans?

45. In his final years, King turned his attention from issues strictly political to issues that were what?

46. It has been suggested that which of the following groups had a hand in King's assassination?

47. Who was convicted of King's murder?

48. Why did King go to Memphis, Tennessee in April 1968?

49. How many riots occurred in the wake of King's death?

50. Where is King buried?