1. What state was Ronald Reagan born in?

2. What was Ronald Reagan's preferred nickname until the late 1930s?

3. From which college did Reagan graduate in 1932?

4. What job did Reagan hold for seven summers between school terms?

5. Reagan became famous in the Midwest while working as a

6. Reagan joined the US Army Reserves because

7. In 1940, Ronald Reagan married actress

8. Reagan actively sought the role of the Gipper in what movie about a legendary football coach?

9. Reagan almost won an Academy Award for his performance in the 1941 film

10. During World War II, Reagan served in the US Army as what?

11. During World War II, where did Reagan serve abroad?

12. In 1946, Reagan was elected president of what organization?

13. In 1952 Reagan married whom?

14. In the 1940s and 1950s, Reagan feared that these people were trying to take over Hollywood

15. In 1962 the US Justice Department investigated Reagan and his involvement with which television show?

16. What was Reagan's FBI code name during the Red Scare of the 1950s?

17. In the 1930s Reagan considered himself a member of which political party?

18. By the 1960, Reagan considered himself a member of which political party?

19. In 1966 Reagan ran for what office?

20. As Governor of California, Reagan sent National Guard units to this university to end a violent protest.

21. In the late 1950s, Reagan campaigned on behalf of which ultra-conservative presidential candidate?

22. Ronald Reagan lost to which man in the 1976 Republican primary election?

23. Whom did Reagan defeat in the 1980 Presidential election?

24. Who did Reagan choose to be his running mate in the 1980 election?

25. George Bush attacked Reagan's economic plans by referring to them with what title?

26. Many of Reagan's foreign policy goals during his first term in office centered on "containing" the influence of what foreign power?

27. Which world leader came to power in 1985 with the intention of easing tensions caused by the Cold War?

28. What was the official name for Reagan's $1 trillion "Star Wars" program?

29. Reagan's term, "window of vulnerability," referred to what?

30. Reagan authorized a bombing raid on which country after discovering that it funded anti-American terrorist movements?

31. The Reagan administration was accused of trading arms for hostages in what scandal?

32. The US Army invaded which country in 1982 to fight Communist rebels?

33. Over 200 US Marines were killed in what country in 1982 by a terrorist suicide bomber?

34. What resolution, passed by Congress in 1981, prohibited Reagan and the US military from interfering in Nicaragua?

35. Which US military officer was indicted and convicted for his role in the arms- for-hostages scandal during the last few years of Reagan's second term?

36. Under Reagan's direction, the CIA trained 10,000 exiles from what country to overthrow their Communist oppressors?

37. Ronald Reagan suffers from what disease?

38. Critics and political pundits often referred to Nancy Reagan by what nickname?

39. To the President's dismay, the Reagan kids were involved in all of the following mishaps and scandals EXCEPT

40. Why did White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan resign his position in the Reagan administration?

41. In 1984 President Reagan defeated which Democrat?

42. Who shot President Reagan on March 30, 1981 in an assassination attempt?

43. Why did the man shoot Reagan in 1981?

44. Because of Reagan, this woman became the first woman to sit in on the US Supreme Court

45. President Reagan "busted" this union when 13,000 of its affiliates went on strike in August of 1981

46. President Reagan's economic plans for the nation were based on the supply-side economic theories developed by which economist?

47. During his first term as President, Reagan fired what politically unreliable Secretary of the Interior?

48. Reagan can be described as

49. After his voluntary baptism as a young boy, Reagan remained a member of what conservative church for the rest of his life?

50. The Ronald Reagan airport in Washington D.C. was named in honor of what president?