1. Which newly acquired territory did the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804- 1806) explore?

2. To what Native American group did Sacajawea belong?

3. Who captured Sacajawea when she was a girl?

4. Who purchased Sacajawea from her captors?

5. Of the following, who was married to Toussaint Charbonneau?

6. What was Sacajawea's son's name?

7. What was Sacajawea's son's nickname?

8. How old was Charbonneau when the Lewis and Clark expedition started?

9. About how old was Sacajawea when the Lewis and Clark Expedition began?

10. Who called Sacajawea's easygoing personality "philosophy or folly"?

11. How was Sacajawea's name spelled in most of the journal entries on the expedition?

12. Who was responsible for nearly flipping one of the expedition's boats over, and losing many vital supplies into the Missouri River's waters?

13. Who saved many of the supplies from floating away when an expedition boat nearly capsized?

14. By which route did Sacajawea lead Clark's party through the Rockies?

15. Which of the following rivers did the Lewis and Clark Expedition never use?

16. Who was Sacajawea's brother?

17. What was the most important commodity the Lewis and Clark Expedition got from the Shoshonis?

18. Where do most people think Sacajawea died?

19. Where did Sacajawea and Charbonneau join the expedition?

20. Where did the Lewis and Clark expedition camp during the winter of 1806?

21. While wintering on the West Coast, in present-day Oregon, what did Sacajawea beg to go to the beach to see?

22. Which of the following Native American groups were best known for nose jewelry?

23. Which kind of animal attacked several members of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

24. Who among the Lewis and Clark party was accidentally shot when one of the men mistook him for an elk?

25. Lewis's party had a skirmish with which Native American group?

26. Which country sold the Louisiana Territory to the U.S. in 1803?

27. What does "Pomp" mean in Shoshoni?

28. Who oversaw and financed Jean Baptiste's education?

29. How did Charbonneau communicate with most Native American groups?

30. Did Lewis or Clark get along better with Sacajawea?

31. What did Sacajawea give to the expedition so it could be traded to locals?

32. Which of the following did the members of the Lewis and Clark expedition do while at Fort Clatsop?

33. Some people suggest Sacajawea might have had an affair with whom?

34. Who usually walked beside Clark on the shore (as the boats moved slowly up the Missouri River) at the beginning of the expedition?

35. Who usually walked behind Clark on shore at the beginning of the expedition?

36. What city did Sacajawea go to?

37. What was the "Experiment"?

38. Which of the following mountains did the expedition cross twice?

39. According to the Fort Manuel version of her life, what did Sacajawea die of?

40. In tough conditions, Sacajawea was known for always being what?

41. Where was Fort Mandan located?

42. Where was Fort Manuel located?

43. The Missouri River flowed through which state?

44. Which state did the Columbia River flow through?

45. Which of the following rivers flows into the Missouri River?

46. For what did Clark become famous among the Native Americans along the expedition trail?

47. How many times did Sacajawea become seriously ill during the Lewis and Clark Expedition?

48. What did Sacajawea's name mean in Shoshoni?