1. Samuel Adams came from which prominent Massachusetts family?

2. Samuel Adams's father ran what type of business?

3. Adams held what political office for eight years?

4. As the situation worsened in the colonies, colonists promised to remain peaceful if Britain granted them the liberties they had possessed under which Massachusetts governor?

5. What newspaper did Adams help found in 1748?

6. The objections of Adams's Puritan mother prevented him from entering which profession?

7. Thomas Hutchinson was once known as the "Prime Minister" of what political party?

8. Adams married how many times?

9. What was Adams' first public office?

10. At the height of the controversy over the Townshend Acts, Adams arranged for British goods to be returned to England aboard which vessels?

11. Stamp masters who tried to perform their duties were threatened with a trip to which Boston landmark?

12. How much were Adams's tax collections short in 1767?

13. Prior to the Sugar Act, what had British taxes done?

14. What group did Adams establish to handle communications?

15. How many colonies did not attend the Stamp Act Congress?

16. Britain repealed what in 1766?

17. An August fourteen, 1765 mob leveled what Boston building?

18. How many children did Adams' have?

19. What allowed customs agents to search at will?

20. Which of the following posts did Hutchinson NOT hold:

21. Massachusetts merchants made better profits by trading with whom other than the British?

22. When Parliament repealed the Townshend Acts, they left which duty in place?

23. In 1761, who assumed control of the Country Party?

24. Who helped defend the soldiers accused of the Boston Massacre?

25. In 1765, Adams's supporters managed to force Hutchinson from what post?

26. What prompted Adams to warn in 1784 that Boston might collapse like Rome?

27. What group reprimanded Adams in 1778 for opposing the Constitution?

28. In 1765, Adams was elected to what post?

29. Adams served on which group responsible for rigging elections in the 1740s?

30. Put these Acts in the Correct Order:

31. How long did Adams serve as governor of Massachusetts

32. The nonimportation agreements banned trade with what country?

33. The Stamp Act required stamps on the following EXCEPT:

34. How many people died in the Boston Massacre?

35. How many soldiers were convicted in the Massacre?

36. Adams held what nickname?

37. What act did Parliament pass in response to the Boston Tea Party?

38. When Governor Bernard fled Boston, what did he leave behind?

39. The Sons of Liberty, who threw 342 boxes of tea into Boston Harbor, were dressed as what?

40. The Sugar Act lowered taxes on what item?

41. In 1771, Britain began to pay colonial governors with the proceeds of what bill?

42. Who did Philadelphia declare to be "public enemies" in October 1773?

43. Adams borrowed money to attend which conference?

44. Who arrived in Boston in 1768?

45. What Massachusetts resolution did the First Continental Congress adopt?

46. At Harvard College, a portrait of whom was destroyed just before the Boston Massacre?

47. John Adams wrote all of the Massachusetts Constitution except:

48. Adams supported whom as commander-in-chief of the Continental forces?

49. Adams tried to block what from coming to Boston in the 1790s?

50. What event reinspired Adams and helped him get elected governor?