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Animal Behavior: Orientation and Navigation



Summary Problems

Problem :

Describe the difference between kinesis and taxis.

Kinesis and taxis are both types of movement. Kinesis is undirected, random movement, while taxis is directed in relation to a given stimulus.

Problem :

What kind of movement would a positive chemotaxis involve?

A chemotaxis is a movement directed in relation to a given chemical. A positive chemotaxis is a movement toward that chemical.

Problem :

If a bacteria moves as a result of a magnetotaxis toward magnetic south poles, in which geographical direction would it move?

The geographic North Pole is a magnetic south pole, so the bacteria would prefer to move North.

Problem :

If you get to a friend's house by remembering that he lives just past the grocery store, what type of taxis are you using?

You are using mnemotaxis. Mnemotaxis, literally meaning "memory movement" is navigation through the use of landmarks.

Problem :

A roach that runs away when you shine a flashlight on it is exhibiting what type of taxis?

The roach is showing a negative phototaxis.