Problem : What are the main functions of the cytosol and cytoskeleton?

The cytosol is the site of protein synthesis and the cytoskeleton helps provide intracellular structure and helps with organelle movement in cells.

Problem : Label the locations of the cytoskeleton and cytosol in the following diagram.

Figure %: Cell

Figure %: Solution
The cytosol is a liquid that fills the interior of a cell. The cytoskeleton is composed of protein filaments found in the cytosol.

Problem : In what way is the function of the cytoskeleton similar to the function of the lipid bilayer?

The lipid bilayer provides the structure of the cell membrane. Similarly, the cytoskeleton helps provide the structure of the interior of the cell.

Problem : The cytosol makes up most of what intracellular component?

The cytoplasm.

Problem : Name the three proteins that compose the cytoskeleton. Which of these is responsible for forming the nuclear lamina?

The three types of protein filaments are actin molecules, microtubules, and intermediate filaments. Intermediate filaments form the nuclear lamina.