Problem : According to the creationism, what is the source of the diversity of life on earth?

Creationism states that all living things were created by God in their current forms in one creation event.

Problem : What major contribution to modern evolution did Count George-Louis Leclerc de Buffon make?

It was previously believed that species were static, or unchanging. Buffon suggested that species change over time.

Problem : Describe the technique used by Buffon to support his theory.

Buffon studied the comparative anatomy of the limb bones of different animals. He found that animals that used their limbs very differently (for example, the flippers of seals and the legs of dogs) had similar bone structures. He proposed that this was because these different animals came from a single ancestral animal whose limbs changes over time to fit several different tasks.

Problem : What evidence was used to support creationism?

Creationism was supported by the description of the creation of life found in Genesis. Also, early accounts of natural history showed little change in species, further supporting creationist beliefs.