1. The Kingdom Monera includes:

2. Eubacteria and archaebacteria are:

3. Organisms whose cells have no defined nucleus are called:

4. Most archaebacteria live in:

5. Eubacteria are also known as:

6. "Obligate anaerobes":

7. "Facultative anaerobes":

8. Halophilic archaebacteria live in:

9. The cell walls of archaebacteria are made of:

10. Organisms that require oxygen for respiration are called:

11. The flagella of the Monera are:

12. Moneran flagella are made of

13. Protozoa are:

14. Protozoa that move by means of rows of cilia are called:

15. Euglenoids are often classified as algae because they:

16. green algae reproduce by:

17. Most algae contain chlorophyll:

18. Reproduction in red algae is most similar to that in:

19. Amebiod movement involves the use of:

20. Which of these organisms has both a micronucleus and a macronulceus

21. African sleeping sickness is caused by:

22. Ameba takes in large food particles by what process?

23. The process in which liquids and small particles are taken into the cell by the pinching off of an invagination of the cell membrane is called:

24. All protozoa and algae are

25. Cellular and Acellular slime molds are

26. The multinucleate phase of acellular slime molds is called a:

27. The flagella of protozoa are composed of

28. Eukaryotic flagella move:

29. Which of the following do fungi NOT have:

30. Basidiomycota have which of the following structures:

31. Mushrooms and puffballs belong to which group?

32. Yeast belong to which group?

33. Yeast reproduce mainly by:

34. In ascomycota, meiosis takes place in

35. Fungus cells are characterized by:

36. Fungi are most closely related to:

37. Which of the following structures is NOT found in Zygomycota?

38. The fruiting body of Basidiomycota is composed of:

39. The fruiting body of Ascomycota is composed of:

40. Fungi are similar to plants and algae in that they have:

41. The cell walls of Fungi are composed of

42. Which of the following is a structure that produces asexual spores?

43. What can viruses NOT do by themselves?

44. Which of the following is caused by a virus?

45. The genetic material of a virus can be:

46. The capsid encloses:

47. The tail of a virus can be used to:

48. The envelope helps with which stage of viral reproduction?

49. The stage at which new viral particles are contructed is called:

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