Problem : Describe the lytic and lysogenic phases found in some viruses.

In the lytic phase virus particles infect host cells and are replicated. In the lysogenic phase, however, viral genetic material that has entered the host cell becomes incorportated in the cell and lies dormant. It is then passed on to the progeny of the infected cells. Eventually, the lytic phase will start again, and cells that were never infected themselves, but carry the viral genetic material will begin to produce new virus particles.

Problem : What are the six steps in virus replication

The six steps are attachment, penetration, uncoating, replication, assembly and release.

Problem : What is contained within the capsid of a virus?

The capsid contains the genetic material, either DNA or RNA, and sometimes enzymes.

Problem : How is the genetic material of viruses replicated?

Viruses have no replication capabilities themselves, so they must use the replication machinery of their host cells.