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Electrolytic Cells


Problems and Solutions

Summary Problems and Solutions

Problem :

What volume of O2 (g) at 0oC and 760 mmHg is produced when 5 A of current is passed through a dilute aqueous solution of KCl for 5 minutes?

Don't be fooled, this problem was simply an electrolysis of water question in disguise.

Problem :

Molecular masses can be determined through electroplating. Determine the molecular mass and identity of a +2 metal, X, that plates 46.3g of X in 6.75 hours at a current of 2 A.

Problem :

How long will it take for 1.25 L of a 1.0 M CuSO4 solution being electrolyzed with a current of 3.40 A to reach a concentration of 0.25 M?