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Where is the play set?

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On what occasion is the family dining, at the beginning of the play?

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What does Arthur believe is the most important thing a businessman can protect?

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What is the Inspector’s name?

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Whom does the Inspector question first?

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Whom does the Inspector question last?

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The Inspector’s political beliefs might be most nearly characterized as what?

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Arthur hints that which ship is unsinkable?

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The Inspector hints at which future conflict?

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Which is not a name for the young girl in question?

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What does Gerald say he needs to do after being question?

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What is Gerald’s family name?

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What does Arthur call Eric, referring to his work ethic?

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What does Eric steal from the family business?

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Into how many scenes is the play divided?

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When does the play take place?

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What worries Arthur the most in Act Three?

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What does Gerald give Sheila in Act One?

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The Inspector says that human are all part of one ... what?

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Arthur receives a phone call from where, at the very end of the play?

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Arthur and Sybil accuse the Inspector of being ... what?

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Arthur is up for which distinction, he believes?

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The play was first performed in which country?

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Sheila is less angry with Gerald after he does what?

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Which of the following is not a theme in the play?