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What song does Cora play at Harry's party?

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Which German poet does Larry quote in Act I?

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How did Captain Lewis come to disgrace?

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Where did Willie go to school?

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Who is Mosher's sister?

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What is the name of Jimmy's ex-wife?

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Where did the sailor whom Cora rolled want to go?

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The title of O'Neill's play parodies a line from Matthew 25:6: "But at midnight there was a cry made, Behold the bridegroom cometh." Who is the "bridegroom"?

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What office was Hope going to campaign for when Bess died?

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Larry describes Hope's birthday party as…

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How old is Harry?

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What did Willie's father produce?

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What does Larry dub the saloon?

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Why has Parritt's mother been arrested?

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What ostensibly almost kills Harry in the street?

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Where is it cool in Hugo's Babylon?

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When did O'Neill write The Iceman Cometh?

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Where do Margie and Pearl flee after their fight with Rocky?

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How did Hickey get to the bar?

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Who tells the story of the snake oil doctor?

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Who carries a gun on them?

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What is in Hickey's boxes?

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O'Neill was the first American playwright to win what prize?

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What beverage does Cora demand on her wedding day?

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What is Jimmy Tomorrow's real name?