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Why is Cates arrested?

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Who represents the prosecution in the play?

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What biologist’s research and ideas led to what we know as the theory of evolution?

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How does Howard offend Melinda in the first scene?

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During what time of year does the trial take place?

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Why does Rachel testify against Cates?

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What happens when Brady arrives in Hillsboro?

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What does the banner hanging in the center of town say?

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What title does the judge use to address Brady?

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What is Drummond’s reaction to Brady’s title?

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What does Drummond say in response to Cates’s description of the townspeople’s treatment of him?

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When did Rachel start to fear her father?

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What does Hornbeck do when Brady holds an informal press conference?

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Which biblical story does Reverend Brown recite during his town prayer meeting?

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Why does Reverend Brown condemn his own daughter’s soul to anguish?

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What real-life court case provided the inspiration for Inherit the Wind?

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How do Rachel and Cates know each other?

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Who is Tommy Stebbins?

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Why is Rachel dismissed from the witness stand?

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What unusual and unexpected courtroom maneuver does Drummond make?

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What is the significance of the radio man’s presence at the trial?

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What is Cates’s sentence?

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What does Brady recite in his delirium after he becomes ill?

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How does Brady die?

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Which pair of characters leaves together on the evening train?